Ok no major progress to report unfortunately haven't had the time to do anything but research lately :/ O well... I've been looking at lighting and I've reached the conculsion that I'm just gonna drop the largest amount of cash on that sucker looking like $300ish which kinda eats up the majority of my budget :( but it'll just delay the entire process slightly, anyways I'm looking at a Catalina T5 6x54w fixture so that way I can just keep whatever coral I want haha (or at least that's what I tell myself lol)

Things to do:

1. Stand (I really hope this will be done this weekend since it's the main thing holding up my progress at this point)

2. Baffles in sump (quick but I just haven't had the time as of late to knock it out, should be this week or next)

3. Get everything moved into the room and get the system running with water (will probably be just fresh water at first so I can tweak my plumbing and make sure everything is gravy before I mix the salt water)

That's the short term plan. Right now it's still in the reading/researching stage but I'm really looking forward this whole process... hitchhikers on the rock are something I look forward to in particular haha