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  1. Default Firemouths and Tetras?

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    I had my firemouth with 5 tiger barbs for close to a year but just gave away the barbs because they were starting to stress out my killifish when the barbs started to kill each other off. I'm looking for something slightly less aggressive but will be able to live with my firemouth. Does anyone have suggestions on what, if any, species of tetras might be able to live with a firemouth, killifish and a pleco in a 29 gallon tank? Or if not tetras then any other fish? I really want to get another firemouth or other cichlid but can't get a larger tank at the moment. So that's out of the question for a while.

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    How big is the firemouth?

    If it's small (< 3") you could get some medium tetras (black, ornate, bleeding heart), but they will likely get eaten once the firemouth grows. Same with the killies for that matter.

    If you're looking for something that will go with an adult firemouth, look into the large tetras. Buenos ares, red eye and congo. They're get fairly large (4") and have a more aggressive temper, so might get along with a large firemouth.
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    +1 on the above advice

    I have congo tetras with my firemouths and they get along fine. The firemouths are about 4" and the congos are fully grown.
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    Thanks for the advice Sasquatch, I'll look into all of the above. Are they all fairly common in fish stores? The firemouth is about a year old now and I'm assuming fully grown, although I think she's on the small side. Probably about 3.5 inches. I think she may have been stunted in the first few months of growth. I'll look into the Congo tetras first since Cliff has had success with that match. I'll keep you updated on my progress.

    Oh, and you think the killifish will be okay with the tetras?

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    Well... I was in Petsmart today browsing around and came across some congo tetras. No fish store ever has them where I live, and the petsmart manager told me they have never gotten them in before, so I jumped on the opprotunity and bought the 4 that were left. We'll see how they do. Wish me luck.

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