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  1. Default 90g Algae City progress journal

    3 Not allowed!
    Hi all! I finally decided to start a journal of my 90g of which I am currently battling all kinds of algae issues. There is a link to a previous thread about some issues about two months ago of anyone feels like refreshing their memories.

    The tank is 90g 48"L x 18" front to back x 24"high
    Lighting is one Beamworks 1w x 54 6500k and one 0.5w x 162 10000k LED fixtures
    Substrate is MGOPS capped with sand and pea gravel
    Filtration is an Eheim 2217 and a small powerhead for circulation
    Flora includes chain sword as a foreground carpet, hygro rosanervig as midground, different varieties of swords, crypt spiralis, val rubra and hygro agustifolia (the last three, I'd like to eliminate one)
    and rotala rotundifolia (which seems like an algae net and I might get rid of it, not sure yet)
    Fauna are juvenile angelfish (about 20), amano shrimp, breeding BN plecos and young

    Things I've done to combat the algae issues based on the advice of many here: Thanks!
    -Added a siesta to the photoperiod 4hrs on-2 off-3 on
    -Trimmed as many hair algae infected leaves as possible. This is much easier done with fast growing plants, the show growing ones are slower to prune off-makes sense....
    -Increased water changes and try very hard to syphon as much debris as possible from the bottom.
    -Nabbed that cyano as soon as I see it by removing it and using h202 spot treatments in it's area.
    -Cut down on fertilizer (Flourish Comprehensive) to practically nothing.

    I will talk about my observations, unless someone notices something first!

    Thanks for taking the time to read my journal start, and those who have already offered me advice!
    Attached Images Attached Images

  2. #2


    1 Not allowed!
    I will be following ......good luck.
    Check out my profile for tank info

  3. Default

    2 Not allowed!
    I know of folks who have been able to get rid of the cyanobacteria using RID-x powder for septic systems.

  4. Default

    1 Not allowed!
    Tx Silbar and Rocksor! And thanks for the tip on RID-X. The cyanobacteria comes and goes, here and there. I was able to get rid of it after introducing it accidentally into almost all my tanks!!!! with a 5 day total blackout and/or crazy siphoning and water changes. I didn't do a blackout in my 90g yet, because the juvie angels were still growing fast and I didn't want to upset their feeding schedule. But if it comes back again with vengeance, I might get frustrated and do something more extreme.

    So, my observations after making some changes:

    -I noticed the green hair algae disappeared. My hygro agustifolia flows better in the current, the leaves are no longer curly and covered in GHA.
    -It's much easier to deal with cyanobacteria, it does not have a chance to appear as quickly.
    -I still get green spot algae on the glass , but not as much, and I don't see very much on the plant leaves if any.
    -The Brown beard algae is still in the tank, but it's clearing slowly off of the driftwood. It also looks slightly more reddish.

    So, I'm happy with the new schedule for lighting and husbandry, it's definitely helping. I see my plecos all over that wood all the time. I also see little free floating peices of BBA set loose as they rasp the dying BBA. Sometimes I see bright red pieces of fuzz that I am sure is dead BBA. (I don't own a red blanket, hoodie, or anything fuzzy). But I also see live BBA floating around and I think it must float around until it gets stuck in the chain swords in the front and on the gravel because that's where the flow of the filter takes them. If I prune all the leaves of the chain swords and pick out the pea gravel infected with the stuff, it will appear again there in a few days. But the DW is looking progressively, slowly more bare, so I think it's a very slow process to get rid of BBA.

  5. Default

    1 Not allowed!
    I forgot to add that the first pic is my tank from 2 months ago, and the 2nd pic is a pic of the tank currently.

    Also, my crinum calasmistratum is looking a lot better too! Just such a slow process eradicating BBA. It doesn't seem to impede plant growth as much however, so I'm happy about that. The newest leaves are practically BBA free!
    Last edited by angelcraze2; 04-05-2016 at 04:41 PM.

  6. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    I sold 21 of my angels last week to an LFS. The juvies were getting big, and I wanted more space, so I kept the best-looking ones imo. There are still about 20 in the tank.

    And I found a dead baby BN pleco yesterday :) I have no idea what happened to him, but my male BN gets aggressive when there is eggs in the cave, I see him chase the young away, even angelfish sometimes! They can't even fit in that cave! He's a good father I guess.

  7. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    If anyone is interested in how I built this tank (there's a large underwater/underground cave on the left side under the DW), I'm trying to post some pics from Dropbox.

    Hope that was the right one. Anyway, my 'plan' was to make this tank a trial run for my bigger 120g showtank. I wanted to try out underground, underwater caves, I wanted to retain some hills...I knew they would level off over time.....but I was trying to incorporate some retaining ideas while planning my scape.

    Lol, little did I know how difficult this actually is. I feel I need an architect's degree to ever get all of it working! I'm just kidding, but the way gravel falls when water is added is NOT how I thought it would go! It was a few days, for sure, process.

  8. Default

    0 Not allowed!

    It's 2 mins and you might have to turn your media sound down, but that's the tank in motion.

    A good closeup view of the BBA and fauna.

  9. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    Quote Originally Posted by Rocksor View Post
    I know of folks who have been able to get rid of the cyanobacteria using RID-x powder for septic systems.
    You know? I'm annoyed with the cyano again. It even came back in a tank I did a 5-day blackout on. I've researched the Rid-X tip and I'm so impressed with the concept. I'm still reading, but I can't belive I didn't try this stuff earlier. Thank you so much for bringing my attention to it!

    I'm not 100% sure, but it looks like dosing it also helps fish to digest food and depletes fish waste, something important for members who have large poopy chiclids and plecos! I even think it helps fish to grow faster, it's a probiotic, I guess, heterotrophic bacteria. I'm so intrigued! I just want to make sure it's invert and plant safe.

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