Iím starting my reef tank journal early in the process of setting up my first reef tank

Iím going to start off with a FOWLR set-up stocking reef friendly fish. Once I have learned from that, and the tank seems established, I will slowly add corals from there. Hereís what I have so far for equipment

90 gallon tank, drilled for a sump lines with a built in over box
30 gallon sump (I traded off the 40 I originally had)
Red Sea Berlin X2 protein skimmer ( I will have to up-grade when adding corals)
Aquaglobe Model AQ600 wet/dry pump
Double T5 light future with 108 watts and 10000K of light
Nova RO/DI system (still waiting for a few parts to come in that I ordered for it).

Equipment I have left to get:
3 power heads. Still trying to figure out which ones would be best for the coral that I like
Proper lighting for coral, Iím going for really good quality lighting so I will have a lot of options for picking coral.
Dry and Live sand, about 2" on the bottom
Dry and live rock, about 100lbs in total

Initial stocking list:
Two clown fish
Two Fox Face
Three or four blennies
One Yellow Tang (still need to confirm I could keep him in my 90)

My next steps are to build a stand for this set-up and re-silicone the 90 gallon tank. Once that is done, Iíll clean-up every, out it together to check for leaks, and make sure everything works as it should