this is my upgrade have bin planning it for a while i currenty have a rio 125 but i am upgrade to this one. this is the plan so far and might change lol.

lighting is going to be 2x54w t5 with 4 aquarays then flow i am going get 2 korilia 4 and maybe add a k2 or k1 later on don't know yet tho.
going to use a external filter filled with lr rumble and carbon and/or rowaphos then going get bout 20-25kg of live rock and i have 14 kg in use now. thinking bout a deep sand bed think it would be the better way to go for my jawfish. heater is going be 300w. skimmer is a deltec mce600 which i have just brough for 75 quid bargin. corals r mainly going be soft with some lps but i do fancy trying some sps like a monti or something like that. the normal cuc and fish is going to be what i have currenty and maybe a few more wouldn't mind getting a sailfin tang again and may be a shoal of something don't know will cross that bridge when the time comes lol thats the action plan for now.