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Thread: Sugar Gliders?

  1. Default Sugar Gliders?

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    Anyone here have them? How hard are they to take care of? Thinking about getting one lol

    Any first hand experience?

  2. Default

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    Want one. But they are not found here. Need to go up in the montains to get one LOL
    Do as I say. Not as I do.

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    Never had one myself. I have a friend who's a vet and has seen them. She said they're sweet but apparently are illegal in some states in the US.
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    Yes they are.
    Do as I say. Not as I do.

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    No first hand XP but we'd thought about getting a couple at one time. They're not an easy pet to take care of. They require a great deal of care such as fresh fruit every day. They also need a pretty varied diet... Not a pet to get unless you're REALLY serious about keeping them. They're fragile and expensive.


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    I gave up wanting one when I read how social they are. Since I'm not prepared to raise a colony, or give one four hours (minimum) of play time a day, I decided they weren't the pet for me. I'm sure if you search for "sugar glider" and "care sheet," you'll find loads of info. If I'm not mistaken, there are also forums for sugar gliders out there, so you might have more luck getting first-hand experience through one of those.
    Of course we can fit another tank in; we don't really need a couch, do we?

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    I saw on a web site where one of there favorite snacks are giant roaches!It had a pic too,picture the cutest critter in the world eating a roach like it was a sub sandwich!I also read where they are messy eaters and not too clean a pet to keep in general.Very cute very much a pain in the arse just like most cuties are!

  8. Default

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    my friend found a pinky crawling around under a tree about 2 meters away from its dead mother... no idea what happened to the others, or the mum for that matter, it seemed to be just dead. maybe it fell, but ud think it would be pretty good at not falling. anyway, he took care of it really well, played with it all the time and stuff. was the most amazing pet i must say. (i was soooo jealous =P).
    he kept it in a big fluffy wool pouch in a box in his room.
    but one night it climbed out and jumped up on his bed while he was asleep, probably to play of cuddle, as it did, and he rolled over onto it =[... he woke up to find it dead.
    was very very sad.

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    Sugar gliders are illegal in California and some other states.

  10. Default

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    I think this site lists state-by-state legality:
    Of course we can fit another tank in; we don't really need a couch, do we?

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