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    Question Are there any cat experts on the forums?

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    Hey, I was wondering if there is anyone on the forums who knows something about cat aggression. We have a really sweet black cat, and he is nice to one of our other cats, and to humans. However, whenever he sees our white cat, he turns completely hostile. When Milli(the white cat,) is visible, he rushes over to her, and viciously attacks her with his claws. Unfortunately, Milli had been de-clawed by her previous owners, so she is unable to fight back. She hisses and growls violently, but Midnight(the aggressive cat) keeps on attacking. Today, when this happened again, tufts of Milli's white fur had come off in the fight. It is as if Midnight intends to kill our other cat.
    So for the past year or so, Milli has basically been banished to my parents' room. Whenever she is outside the comfort of this room, she growls perpetually, fearing that Midnight will attack. The right thing to do would be to get rid of Midnight, but because he is so sweet to the family, he has remained our pet. All of us know he has to go, but we just can't bring ourselves to do anything. Milli was here first.
    So my question is, if any of you cat-lovers know, why does one of our cats appear to be homicidal? How can we control Midnight's aggression? And why is he only aggressive towards one cat?

    Thank you

    "Everybody knows, you only live a day, but it's brilliant anyway..."
    Elliott smith

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    Is he fixed? That is usually the cause of aggression to alot of cats...but if he already is you really have 2 choices. You can take means to stop him from tearing into her by getting some of those cat nail caps and keeping them apart in the house. You could also find one of them a new home. My Siamese who is a fixed male is very loving with people, my dog and most other cats. But if a select one of the barn cats ventures up to the house and he is out in the garden it is literally WWIII...he hates her. Sometimes there isnt much you can do if animals dont get along.
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    Keeping them apart and not allowing them to get used to eachother doesn't help either sadly. We took in a stray cat( Artemis) and our other cat Angel hated him for the longest time. She ended up having to get used to him being around, and now they can all sleep on the bed. The hardest part about that is the other cat can't defend itself....I'd try doing the Nail Cap suggestion and make them be in the same area/free reign of the house and see if you can get them used to one another.. other wise you can keep them separated or have to part with one them :S

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    How long have the cats been living under one roof? If it hasn't been long, how were they introduced to each other? Was it done over a period of time or was it assumed that they would just get along?

    Since Midnight is the newbie in the house, odds are what you are seeing is territory battles which will work themselves out over time. However, Milli will have to gain confidence to put Midnight in his place. This process can take a few days to over a year.

    There are cats that simply do not tolerate other cats in their space. If these battles go beyond loss of fur ( this isn't uncommon amongst cats that share a space. My cats do the same thing occasionally then will clean each other afterwards) then it may be time to think about placing either one of them in a new home. Keeping a cat confined to a room isn't ideal for a long, happy life for any cat.

    The fact the Milli is white doesn't have anything to do with what is going on. Milli for whatever reason is putting up with the bullying of Midnight, therefore she will continue to be beat up.

    As mentioned by MCHRKiller, is Midnight neutered? If not, that is not only contributing to the aggressive behavior, but will also lead to him spraying all over the house. If he isn't neutered, he needs to be, however, understand that simply neutering doesn't always correct bad behavior. Cats that have been acting badly and or spraying for awhile may continue to do so as both things become a habit.

    Intervention on your part could include things like using a spray bottle when Midnight goes after Milli. When he goes after her, squirt him with some water. This is not guaranteed to work as some cats don't mind water, in which case, you need to use something else like a can with some pennies in it to get his attention.
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    Introduction is key IMO. Also, as it was said getting the cat fixed early on will help mellow them out, though its a bit late for both of these.I have two females that are just insane about each other, lots of blood lost a few more than once. About three years later the dominant one still bullies the smaller one every now and again, but not to the extent, usually just takes a swipe here and there when she is really bored, or will bite her tail when we are laying in bed( A cat screaming in your ear....thats a fun thing to wake up to at 2AM).

    Water bottles help deter some cats, i'll vouch for that. When my persian (the dominant one) hears a water bottle being shaken, she stops what she is doing and walks away. I have noticed if the persian get a lot of attention and has something to keep her busy and stimulated (used to buy some crickets from petco and let them go in the house...hours of entertainment for the cats), she could care less about the other cat. I think its more she is bored and wants something to do. If we didn't have so many predators here I would consider letting her outside every now and then, just to tired her out.

    Hope it works out, it's actually fairly uncommon for a fixed male to be agressive towards a female. Time and patience will be your best friend in this matter.
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    Getting two kitties who hate each other used to one another is difficult and takes time. The good news is that you may not have to get rid of Milli.

    Here are some ways to (hopefully) speed up the peace process in your household:

    Preface: If you feed them in separate rooms or not, this accommodates each situation.

    Step 1: Get two towels. Rub Midnight down with one, and Milli down with the other. Then rub down Midnight with Milli's towel and vice versa. Fold up one towel and put it under Midnight's bowl, & the other towel under Milli's bowl. This will teach the cats to associate the other's scent with something positive: food.

    Step 2: Meanwhile, find a treat that both cats enjoy. Get two harnesses (not the around-the-neck collars), two leashes (short length, not extending kind) and a helper. In an open room, with each cat in a harness hooked to a leash and each person holding a different cat, begin giving treats to the cats. If they're growling at each other, wait until they calm down (even if its just a little bit), and drop treats down. Do this once a day. The first week of these sessions should be really short (5 minutes or less). Then, gradually increase the time. When the time they're together increases to 15 minutes, start taking the treats out of the picture. Keep the cats on their leashes until you're sure they won't attach one another.

    If you've tried all this, and Midnight remains so aggressive to Milli, the time has come to rehome.

    Good luck and keep us posted!
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    Thank you for your input, everyone. Yes, Midnight is neutered, and he was introduced into the household pretty quickly, as we assumed everyone would get along. I would say they have been living under the same room for quite some time, maybe even a year or so. I'm not exactly sure. So I think I am going to take Milli out of her room several times a day, and if Midnight looks like he is going to attack, I will squirt him with water or throw a can of pennies at him, and see if this works. Of course, when we're not home, Milli will be put back into her room.
    If none of this works, I may resort to the treat thing/towel-rubbing thing. And I have a question, for the pennies in the can, do I just get an empty soda can and put a few pennies in it?

    Again, thank you for your help, everyone.

    "Everybody knows, you only live a day, but it's brilliant anyway..."
    Elliott smith

    20g nano reef
    55g FOWLR saltwater
    29g planted freshwater
    10g planted freshwater

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    There is a product on the market, it is a hormone, that can be dispersed either through a spray or through a plug-in device, that calms feline aggression. It is a synthetic version of the hormone cats excrete from heir cheeks when they rub on things - Your local pet store should have this product. I used this when I had a similar problem and it worked very well for me. The down side is it is expensive, but the results were worth it! I had to use it for about 4 months, but since then the cats have been ok with each other. They don't snuggle, but they are far more tolerant of each others presence. Hope things work out for you!
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    try putting them on seperate sides of a babygate ( or something that will work that they wont jump. They cant hurt each other and they'll be forced to get use to each other without hurting either of them.

    actually the towel thing i have seen done with trainers and what you do is rub each cat with a towel and then let them smell each others towel and give them a treat while they are smelling it so that they associate the treat with the other cats smell. Its really a dog training thing I'm not sure how well it would work with cats

    In fact both of those are dog training tricks with the second you treat them when they are calm and gradually move them closer but it takes MUCH more than 5 minutes a day.

    I would also suggest that whenever he shows aggression towards her you lock him in a room or cage ( I hate to say it)... or at least remove him from the room she is in for a few minutes. For just a few minutes but he has to be removed as soon as he shows signs of aggressing. And treat them when they are doing well with each other. If your cat isnt food motivated then find something else. they can be treated with different foods or toys its just harder for you.

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    I have 16 cats inside my home (over 4,000 sqft., 1100 sqft. walkout Basement). They are all from either rescue groups or they found me. Proper indruduction is key. First new cat comes in a safe room and gets used beds, blankets or toys from other cats to get used to their smell. Slowly after a few days I open door and let the other cats visit on their on pace. But there are also cats which will never get along. I had to seperate even sisters because it got so violent. By they way they are all neutered, spayed and got there shots and go regulary to the vet for check-ups. I have them in groups (like basement 6 with big catcondos, their own couch, waterfountain etc.). The other ones are in my 4 bedrooms in groups. So more cattrees so better it will be, so everybody got a place to hang out. They all once the day get the chance to go out in the rest of the house in shifts. I can stay home and take care of all them beside my fish and two dogs.

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