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  1. Default new member "Hello"

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    Hi Everyone. I am relatively new to the world of fish and was happy to find a forum that can help direct me in my quest to own a healthy, happy aquarium.

    I have run into a few problems thus far from listening to pet store sales people. One of the problems was that I purchased 4 Gourami to put in my tank with my 8 Tiger Barbs, 1 Black Red tail shark, 2 Otocinclus and 2 dwarf Leporinus fasciatus.

    All was well for several weeks but this week one of my Gold Gourami decided to kill my little blue Gourami. I had gotten all 4 of the Gourami at the same time but the little blue one didn't grow like the others. It also came with sort of a kink in it's tail. I kind of thought the gal who scooped him at the store might have injured him.

    Today, or rather last night, I think she killed my other Gold Gourami. I can't say for sure as I didn't see it happen but the water parameters are good, and no sign of disease or distress in any of the other fish. All evidence points to the crab apple Gold Gourami. I am now very worried about my other Blue Gourami as she has chased him on occasion and he is about 1/2 the size she is. They started out close in size, she just grew faster. Blue does eat a lot but didn't grow as quickly.

    Any suggestions you might have short of flushing Goldie or getting a bigger meaner fish will be considered. I am here to learn.

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    Welcome to AC!

    I would imagine you will need to return one of the gouramis to the store.

  3. Default

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    Yes, that is what I thought to but guess what? They told me to just flush one of them.

    Yes, great advice from a chain store. What else would I have expected from a store that told me the only way to cycle a tank was to toss a bunch of fish in and hope for the best. Thankfully, I learned a lot since that point and did manage to save ALL of my fish through the cycle with daily water changes.

    Since I am new to fish, I am not sure if this is possible but can a fish seriously just be crabby? I mean, I understand territorial-ism, I have a guardian breed of dog. What this fish does, isn't just territorial. She/he doesn't guard a certain area of the tank. One minute she is swimming with the Tiger barbs and all is good then she is chasing someone.

    The Barbs, God bless them, seem to think it is a game and will chase her on occasion as well. No harm no foul there. The other Gourami, would just flee the scene and hide in the plants or something. I never saw her actually make contact with either of the other fish, I am just assuming. The little Blue didn't shock me because like I said, he was damaged to start. The Gold however, seemed fine even yesterday.

    I brought it up at work and someone said "I will take one of the fish" and I thought Great, I have a solution. Then I found out he would just feed the fish to his Oscar. I don't want to go that route.

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    Any other stores available? Other wise you could try rearranging the decor in the tank.

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    Welcome to the Fabulous AC!
    What size tank is it?
    Gouramis are very territorial and will kill each other for space.
    You should get what that lfs said in writing! PETA would have a field day with that!lol
    Ray Your Freindly Neighborhood,Fully Mod-ified, Self-appointed Pic Hound!! Need pics!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rich311k
    Any other stores available? Other wise you could try rearranging the decor in the tank.

    So far the only offers I got were to use her as feed for other fish. Honestly, I would rather humanely euthanize then to do such a thing. When I started this whole adventure my thought were to get a 20-30 gallon tank and save a couple of feeder fish.

    I now have a 60 gallon tank with fish I have never heard of. I also started out with all large gravel and plastic/silk plants and then changed everything to real plants when I decided against the Cichlids I had thought I would end up with.

    Now I have to wait for the new plants to grow bigger. I have 2 large pieced of Mopani wood, a large fake log/cave thing and 2 clay pots. She want them all. Greedy little fish.

    I think most of the advice given at the chain stores is pretty bad. I know this about dogs, I don't know why I foolishly believed it would be different with fish.

    I am shocked and appalled at the advice I hear them giving people. Now that I have learned a lot more, which is still the tip of the iceberg, I am more appalled. Just the selling of Goldfish that can get HUGE and Pleco's that outgrow a tank in as little as a year. They sell these fish by the hundreds or even thousands in a year.

    They do offer a 14 back guarantee but... when your fish is eaten, what are you to return? Not to mention not many people go into the fish keeping hobby to watch their fish be eaten. Well, I didn't anyway.

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    Welcome to AC.

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    to the AC...

    Maybe it's time for a second smaller aquarium just for your blue.
    You're getting old when you get the same sensation from a rocking chair that you once got from a roller coaster.

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    Hello and welcome to the AC!
    55 gallon - goldfish tank - 1 black moor (Teppic); 1 black & gold telescope eye (Angua); 1 panda butterfly tail (Twoflower)
    40 gallon - planted SE asian biotope - 12 harlequin rasbora (10 more in QT)
    5 gallon cube - currently empty; planned planted cherry shrimp setup

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    Welcome to Aquatic Community!!

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