I'm just wondering if you guys prune them back or no? I'm having a hard time deciding if I want to let the leaves float or not. My plant took a few days to send a leaf to the top and its about to start opening. I've heard that if you let them float, they stop producing the lower leaves AND the existing lower leaves fall off. I'm not too happy about that... I don't want to be seeing a bunch of stems going straight to the top and no leaves in the water.

So apparently pruning them before they reach the top "teaches" them to stay lower. Is it possible to let it grow a few floating leaves (maybe 3-4) and cut off any more that shoot to the top, and it'll only make submerged leaves and the floating ones will still exist? Or am I hoping for too much. I like the way the lily looks right now and I wouldn't mind some floating leaves, but not if that's all it'll be.