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Thread: Betta transfer

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    Nov 2006

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    Default Betta transfer

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    I currently have two bettas. One is a Blue with red crowntail that currently lives in my planted 6 gal eclipse tank with 3 panda cories. My other betta is a yellow veiltail that lives alone in a heated 2 gal tank with colored lighting and fake plants. Is it a bad idea to switch tanks for my bettas? I think my yellow veiltail would look better in my 6 gallon and my crowntail would look better under the colored lighting of my 2 gallon.

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    The only problem that I can think of is that the betta going from the 6 to 2 gallon might be a little depressed for a while. As long as you do not put them in the same tank at the same time you should be fine.

    You also may want to float each in there new homes in case the temperature is different between the two aquariums.
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    I got an idea! Get your crowntail betta a 6g with colored light and buy a new betta for the 2g. HAHAHAHA! No really, I'm serious. Sorry, I'm a little giddy today.

    Like Hungry said, sending your crowntail down to a 2g might be a bit depressing for him. The other thing I thought of was that maybe the yellow wouldn't like living with the corys but you probably have a better chance of it working since the betta will be moving in with the corys who already live there.
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    Default heh

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    Actually, my crowntail doesn't like the corys any more than my vieltail would. My corys are way faster than him though.

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