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    Default ich has taken hold... Need help!!!

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    Did have a clown tang in the tank and he went over a few days ago. Wasnt in very good condition and sorted it out with the lfs. Anyway, it appears that hes left a little parting gift... Marine ich.

    Now my fish are fine. Theyre showing the usual symptoms and are very healthy, eating well and are fighting it fine so far. Am running the uv 24hrs at the mo, feeding enriched food with garlic and omega and the water quals are bang on. Temp is at 30c.

    What i want to know is what else can i do to fight this better. I cannott treat under any circumstances as i have sensitive inverts and will not risk my carpet.

    Any ideas???
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    You are pretty much doing all you can at the moment, I beleive, if you have no quarantine tank.

    In order to completely eradicate the ich from your tank, you would need to remove the fish to quarantine, treat them for ich, and leave your display tank fallow for 6-8 weeks.
    I'm sure you know, that fish often recover from the first cycle of ich, only for it to take hold again as the cycle of the ich continues. If you do not have a QT tank, I'd suggest running that uv steadily even after the last signs of ich are gone. Improving the redox potential of the tank goes a long way to increasing the immune systems of your fish, and without medicating, thats the best you can do.

    On a side note, if you research garlic in marine fish on the 'net, you will find more negative effects than good. From what I've read, garlic caused organ failure, with no real provable effect on ich. I've decided to quit using garlic in any of my tanks, freshwater included, due to what I've found on the 'net.

    Now the disclaimer - I have no personal experience in fighting marine ich - I've researched it extensively however, as it is so common I expect to encounter it at some point in my own tank.

    good luck!
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