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  1. Default how catastrophic is untreated tap water?

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    just found out last night that my son has been using untreated tap water to top off the topoff system while ive been away working and with this heat, the topoff system has been going crazy..

    Have already started to change out the water with r/o and the tank is improving, but my reef lobster is a casualty of this..

    How bad could this have got, and what in general should i expect?
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    No quick answer. My tap water is from a well and I don't have to treat it. Others on a well may not fare as well. Others on jurisdiction water need to worry about chorine and chloramides.
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    it's obviously not good for the fish, but I believe it kills your beneficial bacteria in your filter a well. I would check your water parameters.
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  4. Default

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    I think it really depends on exactly what chemicals and how much are being added to your cities water supply. (I am assuming your tap water is from a city water supply). Recommend doing some large water changes with water you've treated and/or RO (whichever you're using normally) and monitoring your parameters very carefully. Whatever damage has been caused is already done. The only thing you can do now IMO, is to prevent any further damage by getting the bad stuff out and hoping and waiting.

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    +1 on it depends on what exactly your tap water is like.
    Chlorine? Chloramine? Ammonia? Nitrates? Flouride?
    Phophates? Etc. Also, how old your tank is would be a factor too. Your live rock in a mature tank would be able to buffer the effects somewhat.
    I'm surprised you haven't seen an algae outbreak.
    I don't think there's anything else you can do, tho - test your tap water and find out what all is in it, then go from there.
    20gal long planted community

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    Chlorine is basicly bleach; it burns the gills and fish will be gasping for air if there is enough of it. You can get a copy of the water chemistry analysis from your municipality, if you are on city water. They are realy detailed and interesting.

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  7. Default

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    You've gotten some good information here, it really depends on what the water is like in your city different places add all kinds of different chems. And the damage is pretty much done already, you've taken the best course of action by doing changes with RO water. Best of luck, hopefully everything will be fine.

    I know the water here where I live is so heavily chlorinated you're better off drinking out of a swimming pool, it tastes horrible, and can give you wicked stomach aches if you drink a lot, but if your water was like that you'd probably have noticed some real damage to your tank.
    No matter how much I learn or know I'm still gonna be a NOOB, but that doesn't mean I'm an idiot!

  8. Default water quality update

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    have done a full battery of tests on the water quality, and here they are. Have also listed the remedial action taken to remedy any problems or red flags....

    Ph 8.0
    Ammonia 0.2 ppm
    Nitrite 0.025 ppm
    Nitrate 10 ppm
    Temp 27 c
    Silicates .4 ppm
    Magnesium 960 ppm
    Calcium 440 ppm
    Copper 0 ppm
    Phosphates 1.2 ppm

    Action taken

    Magnesium supplements added to raise levels, new reading 1260 ppm

    Microbactor 7 added to boost bacteria blooms
    20% Water change to be done to reduce po4

    "Mother nature never intended us to keep Reefs. Just because its for sale, doesnt mean you buy it. Research, learn and make an informed decision, not an impulse one........."
    Current Projects...

    28g Ornate Seahorse Reef (Planning stage)
    42g Warty Frogfish Species Tank (Planning stage)
    125g Pacific Reef Setup (Underway)
    32g Planted Freshwater Community (Underway)

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