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    Talking Another new Bird

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    We've adopted a new bird today. We were over my grandfathers house and he ask if we wanted his bird. We thought he was kidding at first but then we saw he was serious, so we went home with his female cockatiel. He had her in a dark corner for years. She's very healthy but has never been handled. Our ultimate goal is to have her pair up with our male cockatiel but for now we just want to get her hand tamed. Currently we have both cockatiels on opposite sides of the room and they've been talking to each other all night. She even dances whenever music plays on tv

    Does anyone have a good source of information for hand taming birds? We were lucky with phoenix our cockatiel and indie our sun conure because both were already hand tamed so we don't quite know what to do. We plan on getting her wings clipped until we get her hand tamed, or at least until she will step-up. She already flew around the room and crash landed when we were trying to get her in the cage. Once she trust us and knows the house we will let her wings grow out

    Thank you for any help and we will post pictures once our camera charges.

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    Just be very repetative and patient. Rewards are good too.
    Wanted to tell you about my one and only Cockatiel experience.
    We had our bird for about 6 months and decided we needed to clip his wings as he was often out loose. We clipped them and set him back in his cage. He crawled his way ontop of his cage, flexed his wings and shock them out. Hopped of his cage and flew around the room twice and then right through the screen window - free out side. He flew up onto a wire and just sat there shivering. It was early fall in western Canada, about 35-40' at night.
    I had to go to work and my wife said it spotted a flock of pigeons circleing and took off and joined them. We would see him with the pigeons a few times and then nothing. Well the first snow fell and we heard something tapping the screen door in the kitchen. I swear it was our Cockatiel tapping on it with his beak. When the door opened he got scared and flew up like a 70' tree. I managed to climb the tree and through a towel over him. We never clipped him again and you could walk outside with him on you. He was a bit of a biter though. They all have their own character.

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    BE responsable!

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    I would suggest not getting her wings clipped. In past experience I find birds who know they can get away from a scary or over stimulating situation, are more willing to explore. If they don't have the option to naturally fly away, they can be more timid. I find clicker training an excellent way to get your bird to warm up to being touched evetually. Start by using a piece of millet, and hold it close to the bird, one she reaches for it in the slightest click (I use the top of a jam or honey jar to get the click sound). She will then associate good deeds with the click and treat approach. Say "touch" or another command to get her to touch the millet. I then moved on to a chopstick and would say "touch" as soon as my bird went for it, and just touch the tip, I would click and give a millet/seed reward. You can then move on to your finger, and so on. This worked very well with my Senegal parrot as he wasn't hand tammed either.
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    Congrats! You'll have your own aviary before you know it!

    I didn't try very hard...but I have adopted ex-aviary birds. While they've become friendly, I never did manage to hand tame any.

    Abi would step up if she needed 'rescuing', but that was it. And now Izzy will come to see me by landing on my head, but she's totally hand shy...

    So don't feel like you failed if your attempts to tame her don't pan out...
    Last edited by Rue; 07-03-2010 at 04:49 AM.
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    Thank you everyone for the tips and nice story little Hawaii. She seems to be fitting in so far. She doesn't hiss every time we get near her now. We haven't got her to let us handle her yet, but I think she's starting to trust us.

    We put our male in her cage a few times and they seem to get along, unless he tries to take her millet, lol. The male spent over an hour last night doing a mating call/dance and she just ignored him. You could tell he was getting pissed near the end, lol. We got a short video of it that I will post soon. Hopefully they will soon pair up. I will keep everyone updated

    29 gallon-planted community

    20 long frag tank
    75 gal-planted goldfish

    75 gallon mixed reef with 20 gallon sump

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    Good luck. It takes time for them to trust you. You basically need to get their trust. Is your cockatiel yellow or grey just out of curiosity? Mine was a male until he or rather she laid an egg. I'd get her a friend but she's been on her own for 6 years. Her brothers and sisters died so really she's never seen another cockatiel before. Anyways, I hope you love your new cockatiel and the two will get along.
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    They should get along...but they might not buddy up.

    I have 2 hens now. I don't want to get any more 'tiels, so they'll have to live with it...I keep forgetting how old they are...I think Izzy must be around 7 and Raffi around 5?

    They live together and tolerate each other, but they don't like each other. They don't groom or preen each other, etc.
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  8. Default

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    I would highly suggest clipping the bird's wings once, just while you are taming him. I have cockatiels and I generally never clip since I have cats in the house, even though the birds are kept in a separate room I have to be safe. However, I've had to clip before, like during a time of hormonal aggression with one of my males, or taming an especially timid bird. When I clip my birds' wings it gives them an instant attitude adjustment. It seriously was like night and day with one of my birds that was very shy and was taking forever to tame...the bird was terrified of everything and I was concerned for its safety as he would thrash in the cage. I wrapped him in a towel, clipped his wings, and he literally hopped up onto my finger as soon as I unfolded the towel. I was totally stunned. He hand tamed so quickly after that and calmed down so much. I never had to clip his wings again after that.

    As long as the clipping is done properly I think it will help you a lot. I do think it's best to let your birds be flighted but in this case a clipping may be in order.

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    I too adopted an orphaned female tiel from a petstore. Her owner had died and the husband didn't want her, so along I came. She fit in nicely with my male almost from the start. They had two sets of families together and then I decided not to put in a breeding box and so far (over a year) they "fool around" but no babies. She, Taylor Maid, was shy at first but I started handfeeding her treats and she's come around nicely. She's a pied cinnamon and he (Jelly Bean Cheeks) is a Lutino. They share my home with two parakeets, Blue and Lemon, and a blue canary, Mr. Peepers, a hedgehog, HeHo, and two tanks of tropical fish. I kiddingly tell my friends I'm about to open a zoo so I can earn a little something to pay for their keep. ha ha. About all I can suggest to you for your new adoptee is patience and tlc.

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