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  1. Default Seeding Rock With Cured Rock

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    I'm setting up a 40 gallon tank from scratch using 50-60 lbs of live rock and a deep sand bed. I have 3 different kinds of rock to choose from: cured live rock, uncured live rock and dry rock.

    In order to save some money I'm thinking of getting half cured live rock and either the uncured live rock or dry rock for the other half. Is it better to use the uncured and go through the die off or just mix the cured up with the dry rock and wait for the dry to become populated?

    Keep in mind the uncured rock is about half the price of the cured rock and the dry rock is quite a bit cheaper than the uncured.
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    I don't think there is a really big benefit to either one, over the other, tho thats just my opinion. I can't back that up as I've never used uncured rock.
    Personally I'd get the whole shebang right off the bat, and get the tank set up the way you like it - its going to take a while to get it to look the way you want, so I think its best to do it now while there's nothing live in it. You'll be looking at a tank of rocks for a while, so you might as well play with them a bit and get them arranged just so, while its easy.
    20gal long planted community

  3. Default

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    theres a reason that uncured rock is half the cost of cured... Its hell to cure it!!!

    If you put uncured rock with cured, youll havve one hell of a mess on your hands for ages to come in your tank...

    If youre looking to cut costs on your rock, the best way is to look to use base rock (ocean rock) as your base, then top if off with live rock.

    Itll populate with bacteria in the same way, grow with clacareous algae and polyps will still grow on it. The only differenceis its not reef farmed and is significantly cheaper...

    Hope this helps

    "Mother nature never intended us to keep Reefs. Just because its for sale, doesnt mean you buy it. Research, learn and make an informed decision, not an impulse one........."
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  4. Default

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    I was able to find a guy near me that is turning his reef into a freshwater setup so he's selling me his live rock. He has about 30 lbs of live rock and I'm going to add another 25-30 lbs of dry rock.

    My plan is to have the tank set up and ready for the rock, with a few powerheads totaling about 500-600 gph of circulation. I'm also going to be using a deep sand bed but I don't know if it will be in the tank before I buy the live rock. Is it ok to add the sand after the live rock?

    I'm getting a protein skimmer that was being used on a 100 gallon tank so I'm thinking it should handle the 40 gallon fine. I'm not planning on using a traditional HOB filter with media because I've been reading about how they're nitrate factories and can lead to lots of algae. If I use anything it will probably be an AquaClear with some extra live rock/rubble in it to add some extra circulation/filtration.

    Is there anything else I'm missing? This is my first go with saltwater so PLEASE let me know if there's anything I'm overlooking.
    125 gallon Discus tank
    55 gallon Discus tank
    55 gallon EBJD tank

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    Its actually better to add the sand last, although I would put the rock on pieces of PVC or something similar so its not sitting directly on the glass.

    Your right, HOB filters with media do turn into nitrate factories. The live rock is pretty much all the filtration you need. I would suggest running GFO in a reactor for phosphate removal once the tank has cycled.

    Sounds like your off to a good start. What are your plans for the tank, reef or fish only with live rock?

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    75 gallon mixed reef with 20 gallon sump

  6. Default

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    I'm planning on going reef eventually but for now just a FOWLR.

    I'm picking up the live rock tomorrow morning. He's giving me the sand he used too but I've been reading that it might be better to start with a whole new sand bed. The thing is, I can't get the sand I'd like until Thursday. So I'm thinking of leaving it bare bottom for a couple days until I can get the sand I want.

    I'm going with a CaribSea sand but I'm not sure which one is best. I can get Florida crushed coral, Ocean Direct live sand, and Aragamax. Any one of these better than the others? I was thinking of going with half Aragamax and half OD live sand. Sound good?
    125 gallon Discus tank
    55 gallon Discus tank
    55 gallon EBJD tank

  7. Default

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    After a little more reading, I'm thinking I might not go with a deep sand bed at all. I still want a shallow sand bed just because I like the look but will I need to add extra filtration if I don't use a DSB or is the live rock enough? I think I will add a HOB with PhosGuard and I'll also have the protein skimmer. Will that be enough?
    125 gallon Discus tank
    55 gallon Discus tank
    55 gallon EBJD tank

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