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  1. Post ick end

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    Few days before i treated the ick in my main tank, but last night we had no power during 4-5h wich decreased my water temp,o2, etc . Today i noticed that my cardinals are completely cover of white spots =_= , probably the temp went down and went up to fast and stressed them badly , im so sad , i was so happy that my fishs seem better. I should be better clean up all my tank remove everything , clean gravel etc. Ick semm pretty strong in my tank, i haven't lose any fish yet and no all the fish got white spots. I dont have other tank for hospital. Any sugestion ?

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    Start the treatment again and continue you it for atleast two weeks. I do not see what else you can do,

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    What treatment are you using?Constant ick outbreaks are indicitave of stress and poor water keeping.

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    Just because you do not see ick does not mean it's been killed. When you see it on the fish, it can not be killed until it falls off the fish and reproduces on the bottom. Treat the tank for the time the medication says to treat it and keep cleaning the gravel to clean up the new ones that are reproducing.

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    I am using paraguard, i add 7 ml(15 gallons) every 24h , but before add the new dose i remove 20-30% of water and add new water at similar temperature. Actually i have few plants what the best way to remove the ick on them? Can i put them in a kinda on bowl with a light for few days? So i can clean my gravel easily, or the second option i get a new tank (hospital) transfer my fishs in there with my actual pomp + cycled water. So i can clean my main tank. I leave there my fish for 2 weeks till the ick is gone and switch them back in the main tank.

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    Are you following the directions for the med by changing water during treatment?
    The truth about ick is this,it is always in your tank,it will thrive in a poorly managed tank and just barely exist in a well cared for one.It never goes away,it exists in all bodies of water that contain hosts for it to live.Stressed fish succumb to ich while healthy ones are able to fight it off.You do not need to tear your tank down to kill this stuff,follow the directions for the med to the T with one exception,treat for a week longer then directed or for a week after last sign of ich is seen on the fish.After that ,install carbon in your filter to remove the med,do a 50% water change and a very good gravel 2 more 20% water changes within a week.Remove the carbon and continue on with weekly 20% water changes forever and good monthly gravel vacs.Do not overstock,do not over feed and qt any new fish but remember ,any ich seen in your tank was not necessarily brought in by new fish but will manifest on the most stressed fish first.BTW raise the temps a few deg while treating,this speeds up the life cycle of the little buggers and kills them back faster.

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    I have a question about the pomp , do i need to change the pomp filtration(aquaclear 50) completly when a tank got ick and after the ick is gone and also the traitement is over? i know there good bacterias in the sponge also the biomax, so how do we proceed? I removed all the plants/wood/etc from my tank, now just the gravel and the fishs (easier for me the clean the gravel) daily.
    Last edited by blesser13; 06-23-2010 at 02:55 AM.

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    The removal of your ornaments was not needed at all.But its out now so leave it out till you get this cleared up.No,do not change out the filter media but do add the carbon after you are done with the treatment.If you have carbon in the filter before treatment remove it or it will negate the meds.Just rinse the filter media in non clorinated water,same as you would any other time you do filter maint.

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    I was wondering some say ick is always present in the water? If this is the case can it really be eradicated from a tank completely? Should we not be looking at the reason that ick is managing to affect the fish rather than trying to remove something that is always present in the water that is if this is true.

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    I think the reason was posted above. Stress and poor water maintenance.
    It's kind of the same way we get the flu. The germs are always there, but if you're stressed or weaken your immune system for any reason, you're more apt to be affected by it. And when we are affected, we turn to meds.

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