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  1. Default Cannister filters- religion vs reality?

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    My wife and I recently started a 55 gallon planted freshwater aquarium. We began with an Aquaclear filter unit, with the waterfall. Seemed to work OK, kind of noisy with the waterfall. This week we started grappling with green water, quite annoying. We were wanting something quieter so upgraded to an Eheim 2215. Nice and quiet but it doesn't seem to filter any better.

    All the various reviews say the usual name-brands are all "good filters", etc.. but is there much difference? I'll grant that noise would be a significant difference- but I'm wondering more about filtering ability.

    I repacked the Eheim a couple times in an attempt to pick up the green water, no nice I guess I'd need a real industrial filter to get that stuff out. I'm attempting to flocculate now, we'll see. Is there any industrial specification for the filter pads, meaning the micron size of stuff they filter out or is it more or less all subjective?



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    Buy an in line UV sterylizer. It will clear up that green water in no time.
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    The problem with your comparison is that green water is not a refelction on your filter. It is a reflection on your water parameters, and lighting.

    Filters have three types of filtrations

    mechanical - lremoves debri
    Biological - nitrate cycle
    chemical (if used ) removes toxins from water

    Not one of them removes algae from the water.

    My guess is that your tank is receiving direct sunlight or you have plants and your fertilizer dosing is way off. Or you are over feeding your fish and causing too many nutrients in the water.

    1. make sure that the tank receives no direct sunlight.
    2. Don't overfeed your fish.
    3. check your fert dosing

    Algae is a plant and you can easily kill it with a uv filter, but the cheapest way to kill it is to do a black out. Cover your tank with a blanket and turn the lights out and let it sit for 24 to 46 hours. You will be amazed the change this makes. But keep in mind that this only treats the symptom and not the problem. So unless you fix the problem it will keep coming back.
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    Yes, you can't correlate green water with filter quality.

    A note on the 'waterfall'...the higher the waterlevel, the shorter the waterfall, the less noise...

    ...the waterfall also aerates the water by disturbing the water surface, so a small one is better than none...
    55 g Goldfish Tank - 3 Fancies, 2 Comets
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  5. Default

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    Sorry, I didn't ask the question clearly. I know any of these filters won't get the green water out- no issue there. What I was wondering is if any of the filters actually specify the size of particles they are effective with, and to what extent the various cannister units actually perform differently. I'm not at the moment concerned with the chemical and bio aspects- those look like they'll be pretty much the same for any of the cannisters anyhow. Perhaps the only real differences between the cannisters is motor noise and ergonomics, and perhaps construction materials?

    As far as the algae goes, there is no direct light. Nitrates and ph are stable- nitrates were getting up around 10ppm but I've been doing water changes to keep them there or lower. ph is 7 to 7.2, kept there by co2 from a fermenter & airstone. We wiped out a bunch of filament algae that was a consequence of overfeeding by a couple days of darkness, all that algae is gone now. The green water showed up 4 or so days after.



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    I had green water in one tank too...what finally worked was the use of a particulate additive...

    ...not sure how it works, but it 'clumps' the algae together somehow in larger bits so that the filter media can remove it...

    ...once the water was clear, I stopped using it...I think it's a wee bit toxic...but I had no fish deaths during the clean up process...

    ...but the UV sterilizer might be a better option for the long run...
    55 g Goldfish Tank - 3 Fancies, 2 Comets
    25 g Tropical Tank - Celestial Pearl Danio/Mixed

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    ...well, I'm looking at filters now for my soon-to-come 75g...

    From all I've read these past 6 months all the canisters are a variation on a theme. Of course material quality and workmanship comes into play...but among the better quality models, I think it's mostly personal preference.

    I know I don't want a Fluval...harder to prime and I've read enough negatives about them that I'd rather not have one...

    ...but of the others? I don't know how much difference there really is. Based on the advice I'm getting here and on other forums, I'll look more closely at the Renas, Eheims and one other (forgot the brand)...
    55 g Goldfish Tank - 3 Fancies, 2 Comets
    25 g Tropical Tank - Celestial Pearl Danio/Mixed

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    I quite like the Eheim 2215 priming, kind of old fashioned though. Just suck the siphon tube till the water starts, then turn off the siphon tube upper valve (spit out the mouthfull of water), then hook up the tubes and open all 4 valves. Water siphons in, air displaces out, turn it on and thats that.

    When opening the unit, I found its helpful to place the whole thing in a bucket (use enough hose length to give a couple feet of slack), cut off all valves then separate each hose at the double valves. Tubes on the tank stay filled, so no loss of prime. Service the cannister, set it all back up, open the valves and the still-primed siphon tube fills it up no fuss no muss.

    Getting the Aquaclear running was finnicky, have to pour enough water into the pump reservoir so it will prime the siphon tube.


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    Most filters don't provide a particulate size for filtration because the size is so large it wouldn't be meaningful. For most it's in the milimeter range, which is still thousands of times larger than algae.

    The only one I know about is Marineland which has a "micron filter" as an insert for their HOT magnums. I don't know exactly the rating, but I beleive that their good down to 2 microns. It won't cure, but is will help with the green water. You can see what the micron cartridge look like in the add at the top of the webpage.

    I've used then in a laboratory setting when maintaining a minnow culture and they performed very well. With the biowheel you get the biological filtration, the micron is a very effective mechanical filter. The down side is that if you want chemical filtration (carbon or resins) you need a second filter, but with good bio filtration and water conditioners, you shouldn't need chemical filtration.
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    I have a Rena XP3 (my first canister) and I'm very pleased, water stays crystal clear.

    Vortex Diatom filters will take the "green" out,had one years ago and was very impressed with the performance.

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