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  1. Default kordon Ich attack

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    Has anyone ever used this product? I am battling ich in the tank. 33gal heavily planted. 3gouramis, 2 bala sharks, 7 tiger barbs, and crayfish and algea eaters. I cant salt the tank due to the plants. and all other meds harm scalless fish. oh 1 knife fish. help!!
    I have master test kit and water is good 0,0,10

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    Ick Guard 11 is for sensitive fish but most meds can be used in half doses. I would not be worried about plants when fish are suffering. Yank them out if you're worried about them and replant after the fish have been treated.

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    Ick attack worked for me, but you have to do the regimen as directed. As LH said, you can do half doses for the sensitive fish. Just make sure you follow the instructions accordingly (dose every X hours for Y days). You will need to continue to dose even after the ich has fallen off the fish and you can no longer see it on them. The ich is still in the tank.

    I'm worried about your stocking:

    1) What kind of gouramis? If you have "blue", "gold", or "opaline" gouramis, you may have trouble. These are all variations of the same fish, called the three-spot gourami. When juveniles, they are usually fine together, but as they mature they will start to attack each other. A group of females might do well together. You can tell the sex from the dorsal fin-- if it is pointed, the fish is male.

    2) Bala sharks get very, very large (almost a foot each), and are schooling fish, so they like to be in groups (5+). Personally I wouldn't recommend a school of bala sharks in a tank any smaller than 8ft.

    3) What species of algae eaters? If they are the common plecos that are sold in most pet stores, those fish also get huge, and when they do, they tend to stick on to other fish and suck their slime coat off.

    4) What species of knife fish? The smallest knife fish will grow to be 8 inches, still far too large for a 33 gallon. Most knife fish sold in stores will get much larger than that.

    Concentrate on battling the ich, and then you might want to consider rehoming some of those fish and stocking differently.

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    Ich Attack may be "natural" but its not the only product made by them thats okay for sensitive fish, Kordon Rid Ich+ works for sensitive fish as well.

    I have a feeling you may have less than satisfactory results with the Ich Attack, but thats just personal speculation. If you like kordon products but do end up having poor results with the Ich attack I would switch to Rid Ich+. Ive used full doses on catfish with far less apparent ill effects than using salt at half dosage, which is what I used for sensitives previously.

    There are still other external parasite meds that claim to be fine for sensitive fish as well. I cant name any to endorse though, Rid ich+ always works for me very quickly so ive stuck with that.

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    The OP has gone bye-bye. No point trying to help him when he ain't here.

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