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  1. Default Lone Kuhli, need some advice

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    I have a small (6Gal) planted aqaurium - it has several low light plants, using eco complete substrate, temp is 78F, it is a new tank, completed cycling a couple weeks ago. I've been testing twice a day and ammonia/nitrites are a steady zero, nitrates range between 20- 40, doing 30% wc weekly. The tank has 5 ember tetras, 3 endler's live bearers, and one betta. I needed a tank for the betta (the filter in his tank broke so I am recycling with a new filter - should only take a couple weeks with a hot start). The tank is a fluval edge but while the betta is in it I am keeping an air layer at the top... anyway, I have a single kuhli loach in the tank to eat the food that hits the bottom. Since the fluval edge isn't supposed to have an air layer at the top I couldn't use my preferred pygmy corys for this task, and the kuhli was the next smallest bottom feeder I could find. I have never kept this fish before and don't know its eating habits. He doesn't appear to be eating. There is flake food on the bottom but he seems to ignore it. I have tried feeding him shrimp pellets but he ignores those too. Also, he seems very agitated, or active, not sure what is normal for him - he's been in the tank for a week so I don't think it is transport stress. From what I've read on him it sounds like he should be in a group, which a six gal tank can't accommodate. I have a heavily planted 20L and 55hex that I could move him to if he needs to have more kuhlis to keep him happy, but if I do that I will have to find a bottom feeder for my 6 gallon. Also - I have 4 full size panda corrys in the hex - not sure the tank can accommodate 2 schools of bottom feeders....? Need some advice - is the kuhli behaving normally, do I have to give him some kuhli buddies to swim with and move him out? If so, the choices are a 20L with 5 pygmy corrys or a 55 hex with 4 panda corrys, will 3 kuhlis fit in with those other bottom feeders? Or do I need to take him back to the store?
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    Pangio Kuhlli's can be kept in huge schools in small spaces. They usually pile 100 deep under a single large oak leaf. I breed Pangio Oblongas aka black kuhlli loach(not a kuhlli at all) and have had great success, I sent 11 to the east coast on wednesday, arrived fine on friday.I would go with atleast 8, they dont have a huge bio load on the system and dont take up much if any space. In my 52g they grow up to 3 inches.

    Even 6 would be fine, they are safer(meaning more energetic and less apt to hide all the time)in numbers, its in their gene's.They are also nocturnal for the most part.

  3. Default

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    So if I put two more in the tank you think it won't overstock it? The betta will be in the tank for another two weeks, and once the loaches are full size, even without the betta I will be up to 13 inches of fish in a 6gal tank (counting the embers and endlers as 1/2 inch each). I'm ok with not seeing them - if they want to work the night shift I'm fine with that!
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    Kuhli loaches are supposed to be in schools. That's why he's not eating. He's lonely and scared.
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    1" per gallon is a myth, its bioload that needs to be addressed. That would be fine in that tank. They dont make alot of mess at all. What they do make is minute in size. even 6 wouldnt equal the bioload of two bettas.

    I had over 100 fish in a 52g tank comfortably, excellent water parameters nothing fluctuated,11 of the fish were large angels. I had enough filtration for a small pond on this tank and it worked fine, ive since dispersed when I set up the 210g tank but 6 kuhlis will not put any strain on your filtration now.

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    I'd move the kuhli to a larger tank and add several more or else retirn it to the lfs. An Akysis catfish would be better suited to a nano tank. They max out around 2.5", too small to eat the endler's or ember tetras.

    ^^^^Please click the eggs/dragons, thanks.

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    I think your kuhli will do better in a bigger group. I had a trio that were swimming all over the place, all the time, especially at night; and lost one so am down to 2. The remaining duo is a lot more skittish than previously: they hide in the corners and behind the heater and I never see them swimming freely at night anymore. I'm hoping to pick up some more next time I see them at the store, you should probably do the same.

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    Thanks for the help!! I got more khulis, smaller fellows, and will be moving them to a larger tank soon. My original guy seems much less stressed - and I noticed they all slept together in the hollow geode last night. Looks like I have two very young ones, a toddler and a teenager. According my reading they will be fine with the panda corys in my 55 gallon tank, I thought I would give them time to bond and move them in two weeks. SInce three are pretty small they aren't really crowded at this time!
    Thanks again!!
    Why do people always scream when I'm driving?

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