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    Quote Originally Posted by cocoa_pleco
    some companies make tube extensions.

    What i did for my tall 30g hex was i bought a canister filter rated for 200g and i stuck the intake 3" from the bottom, that way its easy.

    A fluval 205 with your current filter would work well

    thanks for the advice. But wouldn't extending the tube even make this problem worse? or how would it help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WOGGIES
    nothing is clogging it. Its just the filter cartridge has so much stuff stuck to it that the water can't go through it as fast as its pumping it into the filter.
    What kind of stuff is sticking to the media? And if your filter is pulling that much stuff out of your tank, sounds like there's something seriously wrong.
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    Just my 2 cents here.

    Unless you want a canister, I would get an Emperor 400 or a Penquin 350 for additional filtering. I would like to add that the Emperor is a tight fit in the hood cut-outs, tho. I ended up getting a glass top to accomodate mine. It does fit in the hood cut-out but is such a tight fit that even an airline hose can't fit alongside it if you wanted one and this tight fit doesn't allow the cover on the filter to fit as it should. I would go with the Penquin 350. To me, they work the same but it's just a wee bit smaller but gives a better fit.

    I don't know if your hood has two cut-outs for filters. If so, you could use both filters. If your hood does not accomodate two, you can get a glass hood cover and cut-out the size openings you need. If you go with one of those, you could easily have the Emperor if that was your choice.

    By the time you buy a glass top and another Emperor, you have spent what it would cost you almost for a canister but if over-feeding is a problem, you will still have the same problem with the canister but a harder time changing the filter media.

    Only feed a pinch of food, wait for it to disappear then feed a pinch more. If food is sinking you are feeding too much. Twice a day to feed is plenty.

    Also, feed on the opposite side of where the filter is where the water is the most calm.

    PS.....The uplift tubes on the Emperor 400 are l-o-n-g. I cut 6 inches off mine to have it 3 inches from the bottom of the tank. I also cut 3 inches off the Penquin 350. (I have a sand bottom so needed to raise them up from the bottom some.)

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    Just an idea but sometimes if you jam the cartirge in to hard the water starts over flowing. it sounds weird but it happened to me. just pull the cartridge up maybe half an inch and see if it helps.
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