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  1. Default filters cartridges not lasting!

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    hello! My filter cartridges have been getting clogged up very fast. My last filter i put in thursday and today its already clogged up and the water is overflowing from the filter (back into the tank). What can i do to prevent this? I have a Emporer 280 filter with the emporer cartridges. I have a 40gallon tall tank. Do i need a better filter?

  2. Default

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    I've never used Emperor filters myself, but I believe the 280 is only rated for a 50g tank, so I wouldn't use it for a tank larger then a 30g. If I were you, I'd get a second filter running as well.

    Also, what kind of fish and how many fish you have in the tank could also increase the workload for the filter.

    Even with those two tips, I still can't imagine the filter being clogged within a week unless it's not set up properly and there is something blocking the waterflow.
    A Grumpy German Is A Saurkraut!

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    Also, how much are you feeding?

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    Also how close the the gravel is the intake. it should be about 4 inches from the bottom of the gravel
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    Quote Originally Posted by hungryhound
    Also how close the the gravel is the intake. it should be about 4 inches from the bottom of the gravel
    It's no where near 4 inches from the gravel. It's about half way down the tank. Is there a way to extend the intake?

    Also, I overfeed my fish a little. I have 3 syno cats and they don't eat until night, so I would assume they would eat much of the food leftover. Right now i have 7 neon tetra, 2 red wagtail, 3 ballon mollies, 1 dward guaorarmi (sp), 1 rainbow hsark, and a bristlenose pleco. I know its probalby a little over stocked, but they are all babies still.
    But ive had this tank for 4 months and the filter cartridges lasted me 3-4 weeks before.
    Also, if i get another filter, what are your recommendations? If i run 2 filters won't i need a new cover thing? All my water parameters are good, so I don't think it's not getting filtered correctly. Or maybe this doesn't matter at all.

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    some companies make tube extensions.

    What i did for my tall 30g hex was i bought a canister filter rated for 200g and i stuck the intake 3" from the bottom, that way its easy.

    A fluval 205 with your current filter would work well

  7. Default

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    Sounds to me like there is something clogging it. Have you tried taking it apart, inspecting and giving it a cleaning?
    A Grumpy German Is A Saurkraut!

  8. Default

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    Have you ever replaced the filter media? Cleaning can only do so much and it may need replaced.

  9. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by aliz340
    Sounds to me like there is something clogging it. Have you tried taking it apart, inspecting and giving it a cleaning?

    nothing is clogging it. Its just the filter cartridge has so much stuff stuck to it that the water can't go through it as fast as its pumping it into the filter.

  10. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by kimmers318
    Have you ever replaced the filter media? Cleaning can only do so much and it may need replaced.

    yea, you mean the cannister thing right? not the replacement filters? I've replaced both. Maybe i should take the cannister media thing out and see if it helps

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