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  1. Default Gold Dojo Loaches

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    Does anyone else keep these adorable little guys? I have three of them in my 65 gallon goldfish tank. They are pretty active at all hours but especially more active at night. Right now I'm watching them and all three are digging in the sand. They also love to play in the air bubbles around the air stones.

    I've been working on taming my fish and my loaches always seem to be very curious, coming over to check me out, but haven't yet gotten too friendly. The only fish I've managed to tame is my black moor. My shubunkin is pretty close, too.

    Does anyone else have experience with taming dojos? I've read that they will sit in your hand.

    Has anyone ever successfully bred them? If so, how?

    I'm still not sure if mine are males or females.

    These guys are my absolute favorite fish because they are so fun to watch, especially when I feed them live black worms.
    Just Keep Swimming

  2. #2


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    I've got 3 in my 90, and they are always out and about. I haven't thought about training them to do anything.
    125 - big fish - BGK
    125 - cichlid community - cichlids (red severums, chanchitos, bolivian rams, blue acara, chocolate), rainbows (yellow, turquoise, red and boesmani), loaches (angelicus, zebra, kuhli and horseface), plecos (BN, RL and clown), denison barbs, pearl gouramis, golden wonder killis
    90 - african community - Congo tetras, african knife, african butterflies, spotted ctenopoma, palmas bichir, african featherfin
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