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    Default Kuhli's or yo-yo's ?

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    My tank is so densely planted that I can not get in there to remove snails anymore without tearing things up so guess it's time to buy some loaches to help out. I've read the yo-yo's are good on the small snails but I want all of them eaten. How good are kuhli's at eating snails? They creep me out and look like snakes so really don't want them unless they can do the job.

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    I breed some pangio's and can guarantee they dont eat snails.

    Sorry but a yo-yo will eat them as well banjo catfish.

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    I realize that the answer does not really fit the question, but I have found the only fish that really deals with snails, in my tanks, is the dwarf puffer. If you are that thickly planted, it will probably be so involved with hunting that it will not even bother with the other fish. I guess the only thing is whether or not it will get eaten by the others. They are good at hiding though and really fun to watch.

    By the way, how are you? It's been a while. How is your daughter?

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    Well, since the tank is so densely planted I really don't see that many snails now but I know they're there! LOL But whenever I try to get some food down to the bottom of the tank for the corys, the snail population goes nuts.

    Thanks for asking Rob. Her surgery was rough and now she has a pinched nerve in her arm so we don't know if a bone chip got loose in there or it's another problem.

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    Definatley yo-yo loaches. Yo-yo's are in the botia family, which is the one known to eat snails. Khulis MIGHT eat smaller snails, but they usually leave them alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmmanuelJB
    Definatley yo-yo loaches. Yo-yo's are in the botia family, which is the one known to eat snails. Khulis MIGHT eat smaller snails, but they usually leave them alone.

    Another vote for the yo yo's

    Aye Aye

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    Yo-Yo's. All the way. Unless this tank is big enough for clown loaches but, if memory serves correct u just got rid of clowns.

    my two favorites in my life.

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    I had three yo-yo's in a 75 gal, low tech, lightly planted tank and they did zero to control the snails; then I got some clown loaches and the snails disapeared. That's my $0.02.
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    what about assassin snails? yeah, I know you hate snails, but those would at least thin out the numbers quite a bit, wouldn't they?
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