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  1. Default SunSchein89's 20 gal. (now planted) journal

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    Well, since I have gotten hooked on planted tanks after making a little 10 galllon, I decided it was time to turn my original tank that got me in this whole mess into a bonafide planted tank too. I ended up only getting my new light fixture and co2 indicator from because, low and behold, they didn't have something in stock I wanted again. In fact, it was the same substrate that I wanted last time, and this go-around, I even made sure it said it was in stock on the website. Turns out the substrate and the glass top I wanted was on back order, so I ended up getting them from the petco I work at. The substrate I got was different and only 12 lbs instead of 20, but I think it will work out alright with some root tabs I had already gotten.

    Anyway, on to the pictures, I know that's what all of you are looking for .

    The most recent "before" picture I could come up with. I think it's a couple months old already :x

    Here is a picture of the tank unchanged, except for the new light fixture and glass top. You can definitely tell a difference in the brightness/color of the light.

    A little closer view, only the tank.

  2. Default

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    And here we go, Day 1... first picture after all of the fake plants were taken out, new gravel was added, and all of the fish were returned to the place they call home and out of that home depot bucket lol.

    Just a heads up for any future pictures, I finally found the right settings to play around with on the camera to take some higher quality, more realistic shots. I can't believe how excited I got when I figured out what I needed to do to take some better pictures lol. So now, the bright spots shouldn't be as washed out as they were and it appears to have a better color contrast as well. I tried to match the settings on the camera to get pictures that were as close to what I see as possible. Enjoy :).

    Day 1. The first plants. I decided to take out the big rock and free up some real estate. I'll probably get a couple nice pieces of wood when I spot them; I'm always looking at work when we get new shipments in to make sure nobody snags anything I would want first. The new plants include an argentine sword, an amazon sword, a java fern (tropica), and some java moss I took from the 10 gal.

    Picture of some of my non-living inhabitants. I put a few tiny trimmings of java moss inbetween the tiki heads to see how it grows out. I hope to eventually get moss growing around all of the fake leaves that are around the tikis.

    Another tiki. Not sure what I plan to do with him yet. I used to have an air stone inside of him so bubbles would come out, but that's no more with the DIY co2 coming in the near future.

  3. Default

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    And, the last tiki, with his new java fern hair-do. This was one of the first things I planned when I knew I was going to convert the tank to live plants lol. The hole in the top of the head was just too perfect.

    Just a shot of my one cory. I bought him as a julii, but I've seen that they can be mixed up with three lines pretty easily, and he does kind of look like one. Can anyone confirm this?

    One of the five lucky fry that survived the conversion. I just found them a few days ago, and they all survived so far, probably thanks to me rehoming the betta. I think they're from the glo light tetras, but I'm not sure.

    And, last but not least, a picture of one of the ghost shrimp I just added into the tank right after putting all the fish back in. I've only found one dead out of 10 so far, and they all seem to be doing fairly well.


    Well, that's it for now. I'll definitely be adding more pictures as I get more plants, which should be plenty as I fill out the tank. I plan to get a nice red centerpiece plant to kind of match the theme I got going on once I get the co2 and fert dosing situation all settled. Hope you enjoy watching my tank grow as much as I do.

  4. #4


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    Cute tank. I really like the little tiki with the ferns.

  5. Default

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    Clever use of the Tiki's. Nicely done!
    98L Community
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    - Bolivian Ram x2
    - Gold Chinese Algae Eater

  6. #6


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    It looks great but beware, I had that exact same tiki stuff in my 20 gallon QT tank, before, I re-did it and the paint chipped off really bad, just after a couple months of being in the tank...

  7. Default

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    Great tank.

    Santa Claus has the right idea: visit people once a year
    Never take life to seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

  8. #8


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    nice tank i'm lovin the tiki men
    55g Long --> After 18mo of doing well the tank crashed during moving. Most likely cause: Flatworm Die-off... won't start another until after moving... Likely not until late 2013

    20g Long --> currently concoting a build plan

    Check out the journal to follow my 20g SW tank

    "Take a chance, because you never know how perfect some things can turn out" -- unknown

  9. Default

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    Long overdue for an update on this tank. I really haven't done much to it until just recently, though. Messing around with my dart frog viv and having to sink a bunch of money into my car kind of put it on the back burner.

    Day 31

    Don't mind all the stuff floating around. Forgot to check my filter during the water change and when I looked water was overflowing around it. Sooo, I cleaned it quick and then took pictures before I went to work; thought it would've cleared up by then, but it didn't.

    Can't believe I've had plants in this thing for a month already; seems like I just did this yesterday. Anyway, the most obvious thing I did was add that big piece of mopani wood to the tank. I soaked and boiled it, but it's still releasing tannins like crazy. I don't mind the tea color so much, but just before I do a water change, the water almost looks like urine lol, it get's pretty dark. You can see how bushy the swords are starting to get. I'm glad they're growing well for me, the Argentine sword in my 10 gal. did horrible. I also forgot to take a picture of one of my new snails, so you can see him there in the front for now until I get a good closeup.

    Got some more moss trimmed from my 10 gal. to help fill out the tiki better. The java moss seems to grow better in less light. Still need more yet to fill out the other tikis how I want, but it's getting there.

    Picture of the other snail I got (got them both yesterday). He's been fairly active since I put him in compared to the other one. I'll definitely get some better closeups of them when I get some more time, maybe tomorrow.

    And, a picture of the telanthera and some other plant I got that has some red in it. They're in pretty bad shape (I think the tank they were in didn't have enough light on them), but I got them both for $2 total, so I figured it was worth a shot to see if my tank could revive them.
    20 and 10 gallon community tanks, 5.5 gallon dwarf gourami tank
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    Fire belly toads (2), Red eye tree frogs (2), Antilles pinktoe tarantula
    Mourning gecko, Electric blue gecko, Crested gecko, Mali uromastyx

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    looking good :)

    You just can't beat the move to real plants!
    Used to try and keep track of my fish here.....

    Ran out of room and time!!!

    Instead I'll tell you the best piece of fishkeeping equipment ever....... Algae Scrubber :)

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