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  1. Default Anyone here into terrariums/vivariums/paludariums?

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    I'm thinking of turning my 10 gallon tanks into one of those. I just can't afford to have another aquarium, and options are limited with a tank so small, so what do you guys think? Anyone have experience in terrariums/vivariums/paludariums?

    I'm thinking of either a desert vivarium with cacti, or a tropical paludarium with ADFs What do you guys think? Suggestions?
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  2. Default

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    Upgrade the tank a bit and get a mudskipper . Very funny lookin' guys. You could put a pair of most dart frogs in there too, but then you're leaving the realm of cheap. Not so bad when everything is running and they're in there, though.

  3. Default

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    I love mudskippers, but I think my tank is probably too small.

    I might house some kind of insects... hmmm

  4. Default

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    Lol well there are people that do keep insects. Maybe get a tarantula? Very cheap to maintain and any appropriately sized one would love a 10 gallon.

    A few other things that come to mind...

    starter tank for a corn snake
    convert to a vertical and get a crested gecko
    starter tank for a leopard gecko
    small anole colony
    certain types of centipedes

    I'm sure there's plenty more things out there you could do, but those were the first I could think of. All of them would be pretty cheap to set up initially with the animal in there. Once the initial set up is done, you can play around with the design of the tank as money allows. There's a lot of options as far as how you could set up a natural vivarium for any of these guys.

  5. Default

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    Any small desert animals I could house in there?

    And is it a bad idea to have 3 or 4 dwarf frogs in a small about of water? I'll probably get quite a few plants as well. :P And any other creatures (land or water) that could be housed with the dwarf frogs?

    I'd like a tarantula but my mom probably won't let me get one LOL.

    What are some types of centipedes you'd recommend?

  6. Default

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    As far as the frogs, they'll live, I've seen them in vases and tiny little boxes with a piece of bamboo at the mall, but honestly, I think it goes down the same road as keeping bettas in such small areas of water.

    A small desert animal that I always liked is a sandfish. They're very fun to watch swim through the sand, although, you can't handle them all that much. You could get one or two to start in a 10 gallon, but would have to upgrade to a larger tank eventually. They max out around 5-6" snout to tail. You could probably get away with keeping one adult in a 20 long, but obviously the more room, the better. You should have plenty of time to save up for a larger tank by the time they would need it, anyway. If you add succulents of any sort, you'll want to keep them in a pot so he doesn't up root it, plus that way you can add some natural potting soil (without fertilizers and the like) and won't have to use the whole bag to fill the tank. HERE is a link to some basic care for them if you want to check out some more info.

    I don't really know much about centipedes, but a quick google search brought up this guy: the giant desert centipede. They claim you can house an adult in a 10 no problem. I'm sure there's plenty others out there that you could put in a 10 gallon too if you take the time to look around. However, if your mom is already iffy on a tarantula, I don't know how she'll act to a centipede . They're both pretty up there on the creepy crawly scale. You could probably find a few small desert scorpions as well, if you wanna go that route.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeddi
    And is it a bad idea to have 3 or 4 dwarf frogs in a small about of water? I'll probably get quite a few plants as well. :P And any other creatures (land or water) that could be housed with the dwarf frogs?
    I've kept African Clawed Frogs, which are similar, and care for African Dwarves at the pet store.

    African Dwarf Frogs need a fully aquatic environment, so more water is better than less. Toxins build up more quickly in small amounts of water - pretty similar to keeping fish. They don't do well with other water creatures or fish, since they're not good swimmers and won't feed competitively.

    You might be able to set up a half-water, half-land area and keep some tree frogs on the land half, but I think most tree frogs will eventually outgrow a 10 gallon, especially if confined to half the area. You could try anoles or house geckos too.

    But again, if you go this route be careful about making sure the African Dwarf Frogs have enough water, and you want to make sure it's filtered.. you could get a small submersible or sponge filter for this purpose.

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  8. Default

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    What are some frogs that I could keep in it? (the land section) I may just make it a vivarium. I love red-eyed tree frogs, but would my 10g be too small to hold just a single one? (I'd love more than one but I'm not too sure about that)

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    3 firebelly toads would work, they can survive through alot and need land/water. i had them years ago, and i had 3 from about 2004-2009ish (got rid of them after i sold my fish stuff) and i think only 1 died from age.

    years ago i tried firebelly newts as well, but they would always get something where their legs got white, rotted and they died so i just gave up

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    You could do a half water-half land setup with fiddler crabs! They would like that!

    I saw some great like, half water/half plant tanks that just kept very small fish, such as like, 6 neon tetras on the bottom half, and plants all over the top. Very nice effect. Or something like a betta would probably very much like a setup like that.
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