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    my pet peeves are peole who complain about other people's spelling and grammar. So what if he used a comma or semicolon wrongly... this is not English class....this is a forum with all sorts of people all sorts of languages some well educated some less, but who cares we are all here for the same reason to learn about fish, not punctuation. Just my thoughts. other than that no pet-peeves here.

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    Only one thing gets to me.

    People who reply to people's questions/comments with a general tone of disgust (not referring to AC specifically-all over the place). Like everyone else is a moron,and you are the smartest person in the world. Creating drama where drama is not due.

    They're everywhere. These people need hugs and friends.
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    I have many peeves. Which one would you like to hear about. LOL

    People that chew with their mouth open.

    Passive / Aggressive nonsense. If somebody is going to be nasty in the name of doing so, don't turn around and play the victim card. This is a common problem with another forum I'm on. I treat such people like toddlers as they don't seem to understand logic. Foot stomping and name calling is the only way they roll when it comes to debate.

    Receptionists that think they are God. Yet another problem I had this week.

    Snarky cashiers that like to say things like "That's all you're buying?" A common problem in Walmart.

    I play along and ask if he or she is making a commission. When they tell me no, I then ask why do they care how little or how much I'm buying then. I have yet to get a verbal answer. I either get a shoulder shrug or a eye roll. If they just zipped the lip to begin with, they wouldn't have to feel so stupid.

    That's just a few...
    Meddle not in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

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    This hasn't been too much of a problem here, but I do see the following in some other online chat that bugs me to no end!

    ~ People that actually complain when someone uses capitalization and punctuation correctly on a consistent basis. I've had more than one conversation started up at random about using periods and capital letters at the start of sentences, and "why do you do that? lol"

    ~ Shortening short words, and thus making your actual communication less clear and in need of constant translation. For Example, "u" instead of you; "2" instead of Two, too, and to; "r" instead of are or our, etc. I understand in texting when you are limited on space, but in a forum or online chat.... its just annoying and has no redeeming quality.

    Frequently these are the same people and the conversation starts with me silently annoyed by the later when they start in on the former.... and then my head explodes.

    Accidental typos and missed punctuation do not bother me 95% of the time, because that's normal.

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    0 Not allowed!
    I have many pet peeves...I'm starting to think I'm just a generally b*tchy person...

    - people who block aisles with their shopping carts.

    - people who step in front of you and block your view of whatever it is you're watching/looking at. What? Did you think I was holding that space especially for you because you're so special?

    - people who think their kids are more special than my kids, and that my kids should be honoured to help out their kids...

    - people who won't be responsible for their actions

    ...and the list goes on...
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    I do have many pet pieves and you can tell becuase i am very outspoken and if you are doing something to bug me i will let someone know. Ok becuase i am a teenager another thing is when 2 teens go out and then like 1 day later they say they are in love. I want to ask, "well what the heck happened over night. " but i am worried of what they might say. XD

    my two favorites in my life.

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    0 Not allowed!
    I have one major pet peeve. People who don't know how to use a turn signal properly.

    I don't know what it is about it that's so hard. Anytime you are changing lanes, (this is defined as moving over from one lane to another, AND turning to go in a different direction, at least in the US) you are supposed to signal in advance of making your turn/lane change.

    It's not rocket science, and as far as I know there isn't one car around that lists turn signals as "options" when you buy it. They're standard.

    ok, I'm through ranting now.

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    Ha, another pet pieve of mine is when someone acts like they know more than me about fish and they ahve never kept a fish tank in their life and have never studied the affects of the nitrogen cycle and yet they tell me u dont need a cycled tank. Ha. this just gets me so P.O.'ed

    my two favorites in my life.

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    0 Not allowed!

    1. Obviously, this is against some of the opinions here, but spelling and grammar are one of mine. And I'm not talking about the occasional keystroke error. I'm talking about the use of words like their, there, and they're and many other common words. I'll give a pass to our members from other parts of the world, but for everyone else, it's elementary people. It amazes me to see some of the horrific spelling being used sometimes. And then sometimes people can't understand why they can't get a job? I can imagine what the application must look like!

    2. Another peeve was mentioned above, not taking responsibility for your actions.

    3. Poor and aggressive driving. What I see on the roads on a daily basis is stunning.
    11 tanks, 5.5g up to 125g(2). Mbuna, Haps, Peacocks, Tangs, wild caught to tank raised!

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    0 Not allowed!
    Speaking of driving another is when I see a person texting and driving. It is like i want to have a gun to shoot their tires out becuase they are driving like they are all flat anyway. Atleast i know, they would have a harder time driving and less of a chance to get into an accident and really harm someone.

    my two favorites in my life.

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