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Thread: beginner

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    Default beginner

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    can some one tell me if plants will grow in just graval.would rather have real plants in my tank than plastic ones

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    i have plants in my plain gravel substrate. they do ok but they could be doing a lot better if i had better substrate. your best bet would be rhyzome plants and not plants that feed primarily through roots if you are only using gravel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by falcon
    can some one tell me if plants will grow in just graval.would rather have real plants in my tank than plastic ones
    I am really not sure how to answer this as I do not know what you are picturing for your tank.

    How well your plants grow is all going to be dependent upon how much you are going to put into it and your other parameters.

    Lighting tends to be a larger limiter to planted tanks than substrate, because substrate can be supplemented with root tabs and fertilizers can be added to the water column.

    Lighting on the other hand is imposable to supplement without changing it or buying new. Your lighting is going to determine what plants you can have. The less light that you have, the less options that you have in terms of plants, but there will be plants that can grow in your aquarium.
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    I'm only using gravel in my fish tanks and I'm able to grow most plants. I dont know why people are under the impression that you need special nutrient rich substrate to grow plants. Yes it helps but you can grow most plants in gravel using plant tabs as nutrient suplements. If I can grow 3ft high swords in gravel and mind you swords are primarily root feeders, you can too. You can see my tank by following link in my signature and you can see how everything grew the last few months. I have to take new pictures because it looks even better now. You'll be fine with gravel.

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    Yes you can grow plants in gravel and small grade gravel works better though. It is mpre important to have proper lighting than a nutrient rich substrate.
    CORRECTED video of my fish. This link works. For sure. Really.

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