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    How would you suggest aging water for lets say a 100 gallon tank? It is impractical, not to mention back-breaking to carry 50 or more gallons of bucket water into a tank. I only have fresh water, but a 50% water change for my tank is 35 gallons! I have always used the method of hooking up my siphon system to the faucet, and as the water is going into the tank, I simultaneously add the dechlorinator as well as all of my buffer and salts that have been premixed together in a small bucket. (So the only bucket I am pouring in is a 3 gallon with all the chemicals, salts, etc..,). So, yes, I guess that there is a chance that some of the chlorine is hitting the tank water before it gets dechlorinated, but I have never seen an ammonia or nitrite spke with this method, and I turn off all my filters during the addition of fresh water just in case. Does anybody have any easier or better method of filling a large volume of water to their tanks? I would be interested to hear what the rest of you do who have very large tanks.

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    I would not worry about yoru fish or bacteria being exposed to chlorine for a small amount of time because I did a test on some Endleri guppy babies, taking water from a bucket of tap water at tank temperature, adding dechlorinator then taking some water from that and adding a baby to each.

    The baby lived in plain untreated water for an hour and seemed fine, if dechlorinator is used you shouldn't have a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willyleigh
    The baby lived in plain untreated water for an hour and seemed fine, if dechlorinator is used you shouldn't have a problem.
    Uh huh, but what about the bacteria?

    Anyway, I just have two 5 gallon buckets and a siphon.

    For me to attach a Python I'd have to unscrew the cosmetic end of the tap and replace it after. Also the Python is a much larger hose than my little plastic tube that the siphon comes with.

    Also I feel best about using a dechlorinator and leaving the new water overnight. This ensures that I get room-temperature water, and my tank's heater is set to room temperature so they should be a good match.

    I use the same siphon to drain and then to fill the tank, and this is nice and gradual. I do get the odd splash or drip on the hardwood floor, no problem, just keep a towel handy as part of the kit.

    Finally, using a bucket means I get to collect five gallons of water rich in nitrates, which is great for my garden, especially since we are under a water ban!

    The only trick to filling a tank with the siphon from a bucket is that you need to get the heavy bucket higher than the tank. Luckily I have a sturdy desk nearby.

    Anyway, (to anyone reading this thread), if you're doing water changes at all, you're probably ahead of most beginners out there, so good for you no matter how you choose to do it.
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