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    Default Contemplating a nano reef...

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    I was looking at the oceanic 8 gallon nano tank to make a small saltwater tank, basically with a nice center piece of live rock, and then some frags if possible. So this leads me to some questions of course. Would this set up have enought lighting for some corals? I would be getting a skimmer that is made for these tanks. Fish wouldn't be a huge want for me, as I will be focusing more on a beautiful coral set up. I would like some inverts, any suggestions more than welcome. Maybe one fish if possible... I would really love a seahorse, but not sure if that's a no go or not. I have a book on saltwater tanks that I have been browsing through, but any help at is greatly appreciated. I have seen some small fish in the store that I fell in love with, but not sure if I could actually have any of them...

    There was one I really liked that was all black and then a white spot on either side. There were some other nice small ones I liked, can't remember names right now though.

    Thanks in advance :)

    (If this doesn't work out, I was thinking of doing a really nice planted betta tank, lol).
    40 GALLON / 6 Black Neon Tetras, 6 featherfin rainbows, 3 Khulis, 5 Macculloch Rainbows, 3 Bosemani Rainbows

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    Would it be your first SW tank? If so it will probably be more challenging than a larger tank (smaller SW tanks increase the difficulty of maintaining stable water parameters somewhat).

    Frome what I understand that set comes with 2x 18w PC bulbs (one 10000K and one actinic). I'd say you could keep low light corals such as mushrooms and perhaps caulaustrea (candy cane/trumpet coral) or blastomussa.

    The fish you described sounds like a Domino damsel, a baby one at that (they get upwards of 5"-6" when full grown and are ill-suited for such a tank). Fish selection would be limited to very small fish species (probably 1.5" or less at max size, not a 1.5" fish that gets considerably larger.

    I personally wouldn't recommend a 8gal nano tank for a first go at SW.
    African cichlid and saltwater aquariums

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    Yup, domino damsel, it's a no go, lol. Like I said mainly I would want corals. Just something too look pretty on the dresser. I would want sea horses, but I think I remember reading they are hard to keep, must research more, as this would be my first sw. I don't really want something huge.
    40 GALLON / 6 Black Neon Tetras, 6 featherfin rainbows, 3 Khulis, 5 Macculloch Rainbows, 3 Bosemani Rainbows

  4. Default

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    Seahorses need to be fed constantly, so they are not very good candidates for nano reefs.

    You could do a little zoa and/or mushroom garden pretty easily. Stock it with hermits, snails, and either a shrimp or one of the "micro" gobies (red-headed, green banded). Sounds like fun!
    40g SW

  5. Default

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    I don't know about diff to have i have bio 29 and its has not really jumped around in water parameters somewhat ;). so i think it may be 9 out 10 but good luck

  6. Default

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    seahorses are a defo nono for a first reef. Aquascape it with small zoanthids and shrimps. If youre after a species reef spectacular you could look into a group of anemone/sexy shrimps. Fantastic when there are no predators around to feed on them and theyll put on a great show with their wiggly tails and bright colors and such.

    Might want to consider that one...
    "Mother nature never intended us to keep Reefs. Just because its for sale, doesnt mean you buy it. Research, learn and make an informed decision, not an impulse one........."
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