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    Thanks but I am happy to see 5 made it. Not nearly as bad as when I lost my 42 neons!!!!!!

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    I like to keep my lights seperate from the filter/heater/accessory powerstrip. That way, I can turn off the strip during water changes and still have light. Conversely, if I were to unplug the light, there would be no source of confusion.
    125 - BGK, pictus cats, silver dollars, kissing gouramis, palmas bichir, delhezi bichir
    125 - Red severum, bolivian rams, Turquoise rainbows, irian red rainbows, loaches (angelicus, zebra, kuhli and horseface), plecos (BN, RL and clown), denison barbs, pearl gouramis
    90 - Congo tetras, african knife, elephant nose, spotted ctenopoma, upside down cats

    QTs - 29, 20H, 20L, 10

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    Atleast you have 5 survivors, look as a chance to get a few of another type of rainbow or grow out some new ones. I know it doesnt help and for what its worth I am sorry for your loss
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    Aw bummer, don't feel to bad, My red rainbow is in QT- after a 2 and a half (one way) hour drive to get him, and paying far more than he is worth.. I noticed only after he had been acclimated that he had ick...(I swore I checked him over really well..)

    None of the others were affected luckily..

    perhaps putting the lights on an automatic timer may stop this from happening again.

  5. #15


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    How horrible!

    An fyi.... Since you don't want to do auto lights you can always do colored tags or labels on each cord. I labeled my cords and each of my two timers so I don't ever get confused.
    75 gallon planted
    5 gallon planted betta
    Lack of planning on your part doesn't justify an emergency on my part.

  6. #17


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    ack sory to hear about that Hobbs - so disheartening to do something like that to your tank!
    Lucky that it wasn't a total disaster - whew! At least you noticed as soon as you did - if I pulled that my tank would be dead as I wouldn't notice until feeding time the next day.
    My day starts at 6am and the lights are off until 8am, and I don't get home til 6pm most its timed lights on all my tanks...
    20gal long planted community

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    That sucks. I did that once after doing a water change, forgot to replug everything back in, but luckily I came home early that day and saw the fish gasping near the surface. Get some light timers from walmart or lowes.

  8. #19


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    I'm very sorry Hobbs...
    55 g Goldfish Tank - 3 Fancies, 2 Comets
    25 g Tropical Tank - Celestial Pearl Danio/Mixed

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    That really sucks!! Sorry to hear!

    Last summer on a 90 degree day the power went out and my BIG male bosemani rainbows were gone within a few hours and my 1 female and 1 of the smaller males I had at the time were the only survivors of the rainbows, all of the other fish lived. Rainbows specifically the males must be go VERY quick (way faster then other fish) for some reason when there is lack of oxygen.

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