Just wondering how long will my austrailian arowana adjusts to my tank? He swims around with the lights turned off but when I'm around or when the lights are turned on, he hides behind the driftwood and doesn't come out.

I only had him for about a week and they only thing he eats are frozen blood worms and he only eats about 2-3 pieces of worms and he's really slow too and sometimes misses the blood worms in his mouth. My parrot fish eats the rest. I tried frozen kill and silversides but he doesn't go near them at all, seems like he's scared... LOL...

Should I try to put in live food? Like crickets or a molly?

Purchased 05/10/2010
Size: 7-8 inches

Tank mates:
3 blood parrots about 3-4 inces in size
2 blue crawdads

Tank info:
100 Gallon (temp until he's big enough to move to a bigger tank)
Fluval 405 no carbon but running purigen

Water Parameters are:
PH: 8.2
Amonnia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 0
Tested today 05/18/2010.