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Thread: kuhlis

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    Default kuhlis

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    Got two banded kuhlis today. I love them already eventhough I only saw them for 10 mins. They have found lots of lil' nooks and crannies to hide in and make a home. Will they eat snails? If not, that's ok, but if so, what a bonus. I just love these lil' guys they are only about 2 inches, lol. Once they get comfy, I'll try for some pics.
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    I checked my khulis today before I went to work, boy are they hard to find! Then I looked at a piece of wood I had and one of them found a crack in the wood that he fit just perfectly into, all I could see was his head. I wish i had time to take a pic, but would have been late for work.
    40 GALLON / 6 Black Neon Tetras, 6 featherfin rainbows, 3 Khulis, 5 Macculloch Rainbows, 3 Bosemani Rainbows

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    They are really good hiders. Have to make sure and check over anything you are pulling out of the tank, I lost one that way, hitched a ride inside a filter actually. They may nibble at smaller snails, but are in no way real snail control. They are one of the fish that the more hiding places they have, the more you will see them out and about.
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    I see my kuhlis all day long. They have loads of places to hide. Under the driftwood,a clay pot cave,they love hiding in the java moss pile by the sponge filter,and under all of the other plants.

    I have three,I read that the more you have in a group the more you see them.
    50g hex mixed com,30g parrot,5g ACF,16g bow planted. More to come!

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    I want to get 5 of these guys eventually, they are too cute
    40 GALLON / 6 Black Neon Tetras, 6 featherfin rainbows, 3 Khulis, 5 Macculloch Rainbows, 3 Bosemani Rainbows

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    Yeah, they're little cuties all right. I'd suggest putting something over your filter intake, just to make sure that they don't decide to "hide" in there.

    As far as snails are concerned ... they won't really eat them. They may grab a newly hatched snail here and there, but won't really control a population.
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    The more you have the more active and out and about they will be. I always suggest six or more. Once they settle in they can become very active. Just watch when you clean your filter, they can sometimes get into it through the intake tube.
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