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Thread: Having problems

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    Thanks you so much rob, mchrkiller and turkey. It's probably my bulbs. Ive had them for over a year... I'm going to experiment with a split photoperiod too. I have timers on all of my tanks. I really appreciate it. I'm definitely going to take a look at that website too for new bulbs.
    55g- blood parrots, SAE, bristlenose plecos

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    I'd take a trip over to The people there specialize in plants and it seems that you have to have had an algae problem in order to become a member. At least the shear number of algae postings gives me that impression.

    You have a high light tank. With high light you need to do CO2 injection. Excel doesnt cut it. You also need to be dosing nutrients. The holes in the leaves indicate a nutrient deficiency. I'm assuming you have nitrates in your tank as well as phosphates because you have slow growing plants that are not suckiing up those nutrients so all you may need is to dose with micronutrients using a product such as flourish.

    If you continue with high light you should google 'estimative index' dosing. EI dosing is where you over dose nutrients so they are always in abundance. Plant growth is then controlled by light and CO2 and algae is out competed by the plants.

    A picture of the algae might be helpful. If its a slime coat, covering everything, it could be cyanobacteria which is a whole 'nuther beast to get rid of.

    I would:
    1. temporarily cut down on the lght until you can get some stem plants growing
    2. Dose micronutrients
    3. get some stem plants. Anacharis, hornwort, cambomba, etc. Just let it float.
    4. look into CO2 injection if you continue with high light.

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    130watts of PC is hardly high light on a tank that is 21" deep, infact most stems except for lower light hardy ones will end up looking like trees in there due to the light not providing enough par at the bottom levels of the tank for higher light plants. I would honestly rate it moderate lighting at best, and in these lighting conditions CO2 injection wont be *that* much of a benefit especially if he were to opt for pressurized. Some DIY is about as much as Id go for on a mid-light tank.
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    here is a pic of the java fern leaves I took from my phone.
    Attached Images Attached Images
    55g- blood parrots, SAE, bristlenose plecos

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    anyone seen plant leaves like that?
    55g- blood parrots, SAE, bristlenose plecos

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    Looks like a potassium problem. The plant will use the nutrients in old growth to support new growth if no other source is available.

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    that makes sense because the new leaves are bright and green and the old leaves turn to crap like the picture. Thanks!
    55g- blood parrots, SAE, bristlenose plecos

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