This is my second time trying to keep clowns.

My first time I had a school of five 2 inchers. After moving them to a larger tank (90gal) I went through a mini-cycle, and did water changes until the cycle was complete. A few days later I saw ich spots. After asking about treatment options on here, I did a 50% water change + gravel vac, turned up the heat to 82F, and treated with quick cure. I did this daily (for how long, I don't remember) but still I watched my loaches die one by one. The other fish were fine.

A month later, after making 100% sure my parameters were perfect and all together the tank was healthy, I purchased two 4 inchers. I decided to go with the larger ones because the tank was much larger than my old one, and I had room. I only purchased two because I didn't want to add too many fish at once, and because the 4 inchers are twice the size and therefore twice the price of the 2 inchers!

A week later I purchased two more. I had planned on buying two more, but money got tight so I decided to put it off until I had some extra change. I figured they'd be fine in a school of four for a month or so.

Everyone was looking very happy, their colors were vibrant and they were swimming together and dong silly loach things. They'd been doing well in the tank for almost a month, and then four days ago I saw the ich spots on one of them (I hadn't added any other fish since the two clowns).

I went right into action, water change + gravel vac, upping the temp, adding meds (this time rid ich-- I was out of quick cure, and I had heard rid ich worked well). I have done this daily (should I do it every 12 hrs?)

The thing is-- none of my other fish have it. There are 2 juvenile severums, a moonlight and pearl gourami, a juvenile redtail shark, and some otos that I never see. These fish are completely clean and seem healthy.

The clowns have been hiding for two days. I poked in their cave a couple times to make sure they were alive, and they swam out then went right back in. They look horrible, like someone rolled them in salt.

I'm just so sad and confused. How could the ich attack them out of no where, and not my other fish? Am I going about treatment the wrong way? I really can't bear to lose these guys, I was so traumatized by the loss of my first school. I actually bought the big tank for the sole reason that I could house juvenile loaches happily for a few years, when I would upgrade once again.

Anyway, after that spiel... is there anything else I can do? Am I doing something wrong? Why did the ich attack the clowns and no one else?

*sigh* Thanks, I really appreciate any help.