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  1. Default Should I get my African Dwarf Frog a tankmate?

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    I have a single african dwarf frog in a 1.5 gallon, I am pretty sure it is a female at this point. I've had her for about 6 months in this tank and she has done quite well, but I was wondering if she might do OK to have another ADF added to the tank?

    If I do add another ADF, should I get another female?

    Thanks for any advice~
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    Good luck with the community tank!  You WILL post pics when it's up and running!  Welcome to AC BTW - Mith for ur tank ! welcome to AC ! - Neon im not a good hug'er - rookie Grats on the fry! - Northernguy To go with your beer!  Thanks for the help! - dragoonwoman 
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    aww thanks LOL  (Mith welling up with tears) LOL - Mith For all your help and patience!!!!! - fish00053 That was the greatist thing ever - Pele A new cory for your 10 gallon - Cliff For the  help - Rue 
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    I don't see why it would hurt. ADF don't really have that big a bioload, so you should be ok with 2.
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  3. Default

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    Yeah you should be fine with another. I saw this at brookstone the other day and it made me sad. 2 ADF in about a quart of water without a filter.
    10g- 5 diamond tetra, 1 oto, 1 albino BN pleco, 1 assassin snail and 2 blue shrimp. Heavily planted tank.

  4. Default

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    Poor frogs . I saw something similar at a store in the mall a few months back.

  5. Default

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    Its sick, they way some people treat animals/pets as ornaments and don't give them the proper respect.

  6. Default

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    As far as I knew, you should even put one in a tank smaller than a 10g. They like room, and move about quite abit. getting more than one can actually cause them to make songs. So beware if you want to hear them, croak.

  7. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by souly
    As far as I knew, you should even put one in a tank smaller than a 10g. They like room, and move about quite abit. getting more than one can actually cause them to make songs. So beware if you want to hear them, croak.
    I have one dwarf african frog in my 10 gal. planted and he croaks sometimes. I don't notice it every day, but he does it fairly often.

  8. Default

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    Mine never croacked! I was said to find out they actually did! I'm thinking of getting two for my beta tank. But unsure if Iw ant to deal with buying tubeflex worms again :/

  9. Default

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    The 1.5 gal tank is too small for the 0ne you have really.A 5 gal is about min for humane keeping if small frogs.They actually do better by thereselves because they can be aggressive and will often attempt to drown there frog tankmates.2 in a 20 gal would be okay,as long as there are good hiding spots.

  10. Default

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    I've got four...but they're in a 55. I wouldn't do two in anything less than a 10. I've never seen any aggression from them, but then again there's a lot of room and hiding spaces in my tank.
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