Currently, i have a silver arowana, and a TSN in a 75g, with a 240 ready fro when they grow bigger. They're in there because the 75g is in my room, and the 240g is in the basement, so why waste such cool fish in a basement where nobody sees them. Anyways, I've been getting some green algae build-up, and would prefer to get rid of it with a pleco. So, which pleco would be the best this situation. iw ould like to get a fancier one, not just a common or bristlenose, but will settle if thats all. The pleco would be moving with the aro and TSN. Currently the aro is about 8'' and the TSN is about 5'' and gaining an inch a month or so. They're fed freeze dried krill, plankton, and bloodworms, with the TSn getting frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp, and the aro eating the freeze dried food, along with fish fillets, baby shrimp, and the occasional littleneck clam. Both eat live rosy reds that I've been raising and breeding for about 4-5 months now, with each getting one very week or so. I'd really like to get nicer looking pleco, with some sort markings. On another note, would a pleco eat BBA?