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  1. Default Flourish liquid fert

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    Went to LFS yesterday and they had it on clearance.

    Bought a small bottle,I know I won't need it right off the bat but I know I'll need ferts eventually so I went ahead and bought it.

    Does anyone use it? Is it good?
    50g hex mixed com,30g parrot,5g ACF,16g bow planted. More to come!

  2. Default

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    I used to but have switched to dry ferts. what flourish is it?

  3. Default

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    Seachem Flourish.

    Doesn't really say anything besides that.

    From the directions I gather it's pretty potent. One capful treats 60 gallons.
    50g hex mixed com,30g parrot,5g ACF,16g bow planted. More to come!

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    It is a trace mix and will come in handy if you get a planted tank. It is a good product.

  5. Default

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    Its really good. and its good to hear your planning ahead for your tank

  6. Default

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    Nice. Glad I bought it now,thanks for the replies.
    50g hex mixed com,30g parrot,5g ACF,16g bow planted. More to come!

  7. Default

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    Yeah I dose it in my 10 gal. I have to use a little syringe thing to measure out 1 ml at a time. Seems to be working pretty good from what I can tell. I wonder why it was on clearance?

  8. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by SunSchein89
    I wonder why it was on clearance?
    My LFS is under new management. They're tearing it apart,got a new fish tank wall and all of their old tanks were practically free-$5 each for 15 gallon tanks. I didn't get any tanks. I still have a bunch of tens,20's and another 30g in the garage...oh and an empty 55. lol

    They're getting new products,plus I go there so much he knocked some extra money off. Tried to sell me a 40g set up with a gigantic pleco and a discus some kid sold him because he was moving and couldn't take it with him. No way.
    50g hex mixed com,30g parrot,5g ACF,16g bow planted. More to come!

  9. Default

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    Hm, well it's a good product, so tell him to keep selling it. Do you know if he's replacing it with something else? Or does he just not want to bother with plants anymore?

  10. Default

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    He's not bothering with it anymore. The live plants tank is for sale now and empty.

    It's a shame,too. The former owner had the 55g plant tank looking nice with baby angelfish and potted live plants.

    I'm thinking about going back in a few days and seeing what else he has to offer. No tanks tho. lol
    50g hex mixed com,30g parrot,5g ACF,16g bow planted. More to come!

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