Hi guys,
I have a couple of quick questions regarding my new plants and my inadequate lighting...

I have only had my tank for a month now, and a few days ago decided it was time to get a few basic plants in there. The guy at the shop recommended a Java Fern and an Anubius nana - plants I'd already read online were great beginner plants. £10 for both seemed like a bargain (they were both already fairly big), so I got them. The guy asked me about my setup and said my lighting should be adequate, however, I'm not so sure.

I have a 95 litre (25 US Gallon) tank, but only have a 20w 60cm sun glo flourescent light in it. This is quite a lot less than the 2w per gallon rule I've seen around. So I have two questions...

Firstly - are the above plants likely to survive with this light? I don't mean thrive, I can see that that's not going to happen, but I would like them to at least live until I can upgrade my lighting.

Second - What is the cheapest way to upgrade my lighting? From what I can see (and I may be wrong), I can't get a single 40w T8 60cm bulb, so I think I will need to add a second bulb. Looking online, I can't figure out exactly what I need - is it just the "ballast" parts (£20 or so) and a bulb (Another £10 or so), or do I need the controller unit etc? I've seen "Starter kits" for around £50, but I was hoping not to have to shell out another £50 on a bulb just for two beginner plants!

All info appreciated - thanks