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Allrighty. Got all the stuff I'll need.

Ran by the PetCo to take a look. I was under-impressed, but the thought occurred to me:

What are signs that I'd be picking a healthy betta?

I know the little telltales I look for when I'm looking at fish in a tank. But a cup I have no clue.

And is green or dark purple-violet really that hard to find? Seemed like eveyone was white, blue, or red.
I had the same problem with my first betta and asked the same questions. http://www.bettatalk.com/betta_diseases.htm here is a link with some pics of conditions you should avoid. Try putting the cup next to another betta cup that it hasn't been near, it may flare a bit which is always a good sign. Ask if you can feed it a pellet or two, to see if it actually eats. Oh I try to avoid ones that are sitting in brown murky water, some shops really slack off on the water changes and neglect them, never a good sign. I always look for generally healthy looking and I like the ones that spaz out when you pick up the cup it's in.

My first betta looked different once I got him home and into an actual tank, color brightened up and actually looked like a different betta.