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Thread: Moss Balls?

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    Quote Originally Posted by korith
    That's exactly what it is. Petsmart has been selling those for ages. The sponge or plastic thing in the middle lets it float a bit.
    Than I was duped. I could have saved $4.99. Bushwhacker sent me a fair amount of Java Moss (thanks again) and I still have some floating in a baggy full of holes while I decide where to plant it. So far I have two corks covered with it and tied in place. Today I am going to tie more on various ornaments. As I understand it, it grows profusely in the right conditions and is tolerant of less than ideal conditions.
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    Bushwacker sent me some too! Thanks!

    I think I am going to try some in the spill way of my pond. A few places I have read say it grows well there. May not survive the winter, but I can always add some more!
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    Thats weird.. I just got one yesterday :) Its pretty neat, and what im reading they can help with algae problems, which I'm having.

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    The PetSmart closest to me has some. I was thinking on purchasing one to see if they are real Marimo balls or java moss.

    If they are Marimos, I'll probably get a fair bit to use in both the 5g and the 10g.

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    Jan 2010

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    Hm, not sure about Petsmart, but the Petco I work at definitely has the legit moss balls. They also have "moss on a coconut" which is a little thing of java moss on top of a carved coconut shell that can be used as a cave with three entrances. The java moss on a coconut runs for like $11 or something though.

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