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Thread: Cycle Complete

  1. Smile Cycle Complete

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    Fishless Cycle complete. Added 30 Zebra Danio's to get through the next change.

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    I admit I have missed any other info on your cycle big is your tank, cause it is recommended to stock slowly. Maybe 6 at a time in a 55 or larger. This will allow your bacteria to "grow" with your stock and keep up.

    Patience..............The World Is Round You"ll get There
    Determination is the unrelenting pursuit of perfection with the knowledge it can never be achieved.
    10g.... partly fake planted (partly not) with Zebras, "The gunpoint" Platy, & Big Boss Gourami, Coryz and Oto the zucchini fiend
    2 Dogs 3 Cats

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    Thats a lot of zebra danios. I have a 55 gallon and was planning on only putting 10-12 in there after I'm done with my cycle. 30 is insane! lol... would look cool though.
    55 Gl: 15 African Cichlids, 2 Synodontis -
    Filters - Aquaclear 110 and PennPlax 700
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    Filters - Aquaclear 70
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    Thats like a swarm of zebra danios. Hope you have a plan for them, or a return policy.
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    Good job. That's why we do the fishless cycle so we can add more stock right from the get go. Don't know as you want that many danios tho unless you plan to just stick with them and not have much of anything else.

  6. Default Danio's

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    Actually I plan to leave them in their. It is a 75 gallon tank. I understand the process of putting small numbers in at a time. Danio's are a heartier fish so if their is a spike and I loose a couple I don't mind. Additional fish such as baby guppies,platies,swords,molleys, and a variety of these species babies will be added to this tank. I have a 125 Gallon FW with at last count has anywhere between 115 to 125 fish in their.
    Many species including:
    Zebra Danios
    Neon Tetras
    Black Skirt Tetras
    Longfin Tetras
    White Skirt Tetras
    Red Rummynose
    Bleading Hearts
    Lemon Tetras
    Yellow Tip Tetras
    Diamond Tetras
    Glowlite Tetras
    Longfin Diamond Tetras
    And Several more species I can't think of at present time. Very Enjoyable and amazing at feeding time. Tank looks awesome with so much activity.

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    Congrats on the Cycle!
    30g: 12 Tiger Barbs, 1 Pleco, 2 tetras, 1 Julii Cory
    75g: African Cichlid Community

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