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  1. Default My turtles shell

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    So recently we noticed out turtle has white holes in his shell. we went to the pet store and got some calcium blocks and what not but searching around the net couldnt seem to find what this problem is. Anyone here have any idea what causes this?

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    How old is your turtle, what type of turtle is it? What kind of set up do you have? Filter, temp, tank size, turtle's size, lighting, food, water changes? It sounds like shell rot. It is usually casued because of unhealthy living conditions. If you can please answer the above questions I can help you fix the problems.
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  3. Default

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    definitely sounds like shell rot and I would venture to guess that you don't have anything producing UVB light above there habitat. Correct?

  4. Default

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    Ok so his my parents turtle so im going to be guessing on most aspects of this response lol. the turtle is about 20 odd years old and the tank size is pretty big I would be completely guessing the litre size but its about a metre long and half a metre wide... Now we dont use a heater and werent using a light until just recently (the last week) we put a new globe back in and starting using that again. the tank also has a filter and plant life and what not. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  5. Default

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    I forgot to mention the turtle himself is a shortneck with a shell span of about 15-20cm

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    What kind of filter? What about water changes. Turtles produce a lot of waste and even with a filter you will still need to do water changes. The ammonia levels can raise quickly. What is the temp? Turtles need a basking spot with a temp around 80-85F and very very important to have UV lighting too. A strip light made for reptiles is best, there are also murcury vapor light. I do not like the compact bulbs. Some of them give off dangerous UV waves and I have had three animals killed by them. Is this turtle kept inside or out?
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  7. Default

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    they picked up a new filter the other day under advice and the uvb light is 5.0. his inside but has a basking area inside the tank but no heater. with the changes we have made to the tank is it a matter of wait and see or should we be picking up a heater and maybe getting it seen too?

  8. Default

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    So the UVB 5.0 bulb was just added? Or you've had it for a while? It has to be replaced like every 6 months or so. The box should say. Have you given the turtle any calcium supplement? Do you have a cuttlebone?

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    It takes a long time for a calcium deficiency to show itself in the form of shell damage...

    It takes even longer to repair that damage if it's even possible.

    Take that turtle to a vet that specializes in will need a lifetime of proper care from this point forward to survive...
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  10. Default

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    Just an update here after following the advice of the guys on here his shell has improved massively recently. Still in recovery stage but his definately improving every day so a big thanks to everyone who helped rep for you all and thanks for taking the time to reply!

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