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    Quote Originally Posted by jackson17
    For the well- being of our world, I wish these were fake lmao. But some people out there are just..... (I'll leave it at that)
    Hahaha! I don't even understand how that man could have thought the fish were dead... they were swimming around... maybe he was kidding? Nonetheless, that's a good one.

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    When I was working at Petco(I was 16), one of the employees told a custumer that only one type of fish breeds. I am sure where he thought the others came from. This same guy, before I worked there I wanted a rat. I said "I want on of the small white rats"(he was a pet, he picked me out. ) He opens the white mouse cage. Me: "No, a rat. Those are mice" So he opens the fancy mouse cage. Me: Sigh "They are still mice" And I pointed to the cage.
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    How do you pronounce cichlid anyway?
    Either way, the otherday i was at a petstorte, and someone was buying 3 snails, a hermit crab, and a few ghost shrimp. The fish guy asked what she was going to put them with. She said: A hissing cocroach
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    sick lid....

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    My first job was working in a privately owned pet store.

    One day I decided I had nothing else better to do,so I took one of the baby boa's out and wrapped it around my wrist like a bracelet. A man comes into the store and noted how cool my bracelet was, so I ask him if he wanted to touch it. As I was raising my hand, the said man discovered that my jewlery was moving and hightailed it out of the store.

    Same place had large fish tanks that could be viewed from two sides. One side from inside the store and the from the hallway of the shopping center. Top tank was SW, bottom tank had Pacu's and other large fish in it. I was yelled at one night because I fed the Pacu's too early and customers saw the action up close and personal. Goldfish in, a few scales come out.

    I would later be fired from the said job for refusing to sell a woman a parakeet cage that she was going to stick a cockatiel in. To this day, I don't feel bad about it and the one store that remains stinks like Parvo as they now sell puppies that come from questionable places. They also sold me our yellow-footed tortoise who had to be treated for pnemonia...

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    I don't work at a fish store. But somebody at our fish club does. She's had people asking about african "chinchilas."

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    i saw a woman asking at the counter of my lfs if a dinosaur eel would be ok in a 1 gallon with 15 guppies. i thought to myself, "yeah, if you keep a great dane in a closet with a bunch of parakeets"

    75 gallon freshwater, 1 pleco, 1 pumkinseed hybrid sunfish, 1 crayfish, 1 sengal bichir,1 convict cichlid.
    45 gallon-ball python-20 gallon-honduran milk snake. 35 gallon-black rat snake
    10 gallon-black rat snake
    90 gallon reef tank
    10 gallon, 2 darters, 2 cory cats
    come over and count all the scales at my house some time!

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    This happened more than once. A big guy, (biker/trucker looking, tattoos) would ask for a rat to feed his snake. Then kinda freak and step back when I picked up the rat, not by the tail, afraid of it. It was so much fun to mess with these people. Then there was the lady who would take her fish on walks, in a plastic cup, on the bus, to our store on a weekly basis. Sometimes I would see her with the cup walking down the street. And we had a bar across the street, so we got a lot of drunks. And for some reason they alway wanted fish, usually goldfish.
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    Haha I'm so glad we are all sharing our silly pet store stories!!

    Here are some good ones from today:

    A man is looking at Beau, our slender-billed cockatoo.

    Man: Oh, I love these birds! When I went to Guatemala they were everywhere! It's so sad to see them in cages.
    Me: *blank stare* Sir, this species of cockatoo is from Australia
    Man: Oh! Then what did I see?
    Me: I don't know...??

    A man asks for feeder fish. As I am counting them out, he asks...

    Man: Do you have any allergy eaters?
    Me: *thinking about what to say* ... no sir, we don't have any allergy eaters. Maybe next week.

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    A couple goodies from my shift yesterday.

    A man comes up to me holding Tetra brand "Nitraban"

    Man: Is this good my my fish tank?
    Me: Well, that depends. This helps to convert nitrites, which is basically a bad chemical in your water, into a good form of nitrogen.
    Man: The only thing in my water is GOLDFISH!

    And another:

    Man: Where's your Hagen?
    Me: Well, Hagen makes a lot of products. What were you looking for?
    Man: Hagen.
    Me: ...what kind of Hagen product are you looking for?
    Man: Do you not speak English?? HAGEN.
    Me: Sir, I'm not sure I understand. Hagen is a brand. What sort of thing made by Hagen are you looking for?
    Man: It's a brand? I thought Hagen meant goldfish food.

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