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    I have one, this happened to me today. I knew before the conversation ever even started where it was going to go, and sure enough, we had the exact conversation I expected.

    I'm very new to this, have a brand new 26 gal tank that I'm cycling with 4 fish that I got from this LFS.

    Went there today to have them test our water to see if they get the same results we're getting... Here's how it went:

    She: Are you overfeeding your fish?
    Me: No, our tank is cycling, it's just been set up for two weeks now with 4 fish.
    She: Oh, then your levels are just slightly elevated, that's fine.
    Me: What levels did you come up with? I brought my numbers to compare
    She: Well, they're not that high, nothing to worry about.
    Me: I have been doing daily water changes to keep the toxins down to a manageable level
    She: You should never do a water change for at LEAST 4-6 WEEKS after you put your fish in!
    Me: But I'd like to keep my fish, and not kill them in the first 4-6 weeks.
    She: Every time you change your water, you're getting rid of the bacteria!!
    Me: No, the bacteria is in the filter and the substrate, and on the surfaces of the tank, not in the water. That's where the toxins are.
    She: Where are you getting your information?
    Me: Online
    She: What website?

    And on it goes. Don't think I'll be bothering to ask any more advice from them. :|

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    you're better off taking advice from people here on the AC. Good choice. I really have to laugh at anyone that says WC's are not good. A waterchange never hurts as long as you condition your water... waiting 4-6 weeks is about as dumb as it gets.
    No matter how much I learn or know I'm still gonna be a NOOB, but that doesn't mean I'm an idiot!

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    I know!!!! Sometimes when I tell people to do water changes people are shocked. But then they have no problem taking out the gravel and bleaching it and at the same time getting a new filter. And they wonder why the fish die. Fish don't like a spring cleaning!!

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    A couple comes in and wants a goldfish. I couldn't for the life of me talk these people out of buying a 27 cent comet goldfish as a buddy for the one they won at a fair, but my ears perked up when they told me they had a tank. They pointed to a plastic square thing that has a small filter on it, 2 gallons. The man asked me how often he should clean it.

    Me: "You've got an itty bitty tank and two bigger fish that will continue to grow. I'd say you should change half the water two or three times a week. Otherwise they're swimming around in their own pee.

    Man: THREE times a week? GOD!

    (I think this is my most used phrase after these encounters)... Really?

    God forbid you take one gallon of water out three times a week.

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    Dang, your one of they very few Petco employees who actually knows what they are doing. I see Pet Store people give out wrong information all the time and I wasnt to slug them in te face! Those people are pobably atleast twice my age and I know more about fish then them (and probably a lot more)!

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    Hey... it's PETSMART! LOL

  7. #107


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    Got a really good one today.

    A guy calls in the morning asking if we'll take back a boa. He's called other stores, they don't have room, but he's desperate, he'll give it to us even if we don't give him store credit.

    He shows up later that afternoon and we suddenly understand why he wants to get rid of it.

    It's a 4' boa in a homemade "terrarium". The terrarium is made out of rough wood that has been stained, an OSB board to make a "2nd floor", a few branches and screening. It doesn't even have a bottom, the screens are full of holes and patched over with duct tape and .... it's about 15" square and less than two feet high!

    Not surprisingly, the boa was hyper aggressive. It hisses and lunges at anything nearby, including my nose! Finally the reptile guy goes to take it out, we're standing a few feet away, ready to call 911. A little poking and prodding later, it slithers it's way out of one of the holes.

    Once it was out of the "terrarium" the boa mellowed quite a bit. We put it into a nice big aquarium with a bowl of water (which it did not have before). It seemed to have calmed down quite well and is behaving normally, we can even get a close look at it without it lunging.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rothenb1
    Hey... it's PETSMART! LOL

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    Today I got off early so decided to go Walmart to spend my paycheck. I didn't plan to buy any fish though.

    I was in the store and gazed at the bettas, and I really liked this yellow/white one. But I went down the aisle and tried to talk myself out of it. I hear these kids saying "yeah I'm shaking them too". So I peek around the corner and these two boys- about 6 to 10 years old are shaking the containers the bettas are in. There was like, four out in this particular spot and they picked everyone up and shook them. One kid even kept one turned over so most of the water drained out. This was enough.

    I walked past and said "You shouldn't be shaking the fish. That is bad for them. How would you like it if someone did that to you?"

    Then they tell me that they are not. So I stand there and wait until they leave. Then I take the one that has barely any water and find some water conditioner in the cabinet above to make him some more water. Thank god they were not locked like usual. As I'm doing that the same boys come back with their mother. She asks me why I was 'yelling' at her kids and I told her very politely that I was not yelling at them. I had asked them to stop what they were doing. They were shaking these fish, spilling water on the floor etc. And she tells me
    "they are just fish' and when I told her that that may be so but her children should not be doing that. Then I see her kids with their hands in the tanks. I tell her about it, and she says, 'boys will be boys' and walks away AFTER telling me to F*** off.

    The things I do for fish.

    Needless to say I walked away with a new betta today.
    30g:: Planted: 1 SAE, 1 Bristlenose Pleco, 5 Guppies, 3 Platys, 1 zebra danio, 9 Rasboras

    2.5g: 1 Male Betta

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    Lovely sounding mother. You can just picture how those boys are going to grow up. :o

    Glad you rescued a betta. I'm sure he'll be a lot happier with you!

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    7 g: Dragontail Betta & 2 albino cory
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