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    After some more research, I think I'm just going to stick with poison dart frogs to keep the terrarium a little more simple. I'm still going to attempt to keep fish in it, making sure that there is ample opportunity for any frogs that get into the water to get back out.

    If you'd like to look at some more info about poison dart frogs, check out this website...
    This is the site I've been getting most of my research information from so far, and probably who I will be buying from when I get to that point. There's a lot of info on there, more than I ever thought I would learn about frogs. Each species is pretty specialized and has their own nuances to them, so I'm emailing the breeder to help me out and he's been very helpful so far. Even if you're just interested in poison dart frogs and not necessarily keeping them, the faq is pretty interesting and he has some nice pictures on there as well.

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    I had a water feature when I kept mine but it wasnt big enough for fish so I kept ghost shrimp in it.BTW,if the feature is big enough for fish [at least 3 gal]it will be too big to assure the pdf can get out if they fall in.They do not swim and are not adapted to a water life at all.They are also not good climbers so just having vines or other items in the water will not assure they can get out.You are asking for trouble and drowned frogs,but heh,they are only 50-250 bucks each right

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    So I just joined the forums over at I figured these forums helped me out more than enough, so they should be able to help me out a ton over there. I've been looking at pictures of tanks with water features in it, both from the forums and the breeder's website, so it is possible to have a water feature with fish. I'll just have to take great care in designing it and making sure it will always be 100% safe for them. The breeder even says he can make terrariums with water features that can hold angel fish, although this guy has made display exhibits for zoos and everything.

    Just to change up the subject a little bit if anyone else made it this far ... does anybody have any other recommendations for small fish I could put into a terrarium like the one I've been describing?

    Also, I've been looking into lighting for terrarium plants and it looks like most people use the same kelvin and everything. My question now is, how much wattage, roughly, will I need to go down let's say about 18 inches of terrarium, then go through maybe 6-12 inches of water to get about the same lighting my 10 gal with two 10 watt 6500K bulbs is currently getting with them right over the top of the tank.

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    Galaxy rasbora are a very tiny fish that could go in 5 gallons or less.Feeder guppys also stay small.I used a current t-5 fixture with 24 watts over my 20 gal tall.It was packed with plants and they did well with the light.The best plant I ever used in the viv was anubia coffefolia,in the water and out.The stuff is beautiful,it will also help with safety if put in your water feature with just the roots submerged.The foliage would help darts if they fell in.Other good plants are rabbits foot ferns and korean rock ferns,umbrella plants and dwarf spike moss for ground cover.Here is a link to supply house I got most of my plants from,I highly recomend them.
    Last edited by smaug; 02-28-2010 at 07:14 PM.

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