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  1. Default Huge Red Tailed Catfish at Petco

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    He was in a show tank eating some feeders. I thought he was really cool.

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    That's interesting that he was at Petco. Usually you see fish like that at an independent lfs, not a chain store...
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    They are. But He does look like a hybrid.

    And the tank looks a bit smal for him..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oscar_freak12321
    That's interesting that he was at Petco. Usually you see fish like that at an independent lfs, not a chain store...
    yea they have this big show tank. I remember they first had koi in the tank, then a big Oscar then just some feeders then turtles and now this big monster with some turtles. He was eating some feeders when I took this. If you look closely in the back, you can see a small brown goldfish.

    Quote Originally Posted by William
    They are. But He does look like a hybrid.

    And the tank looks a bit smal for him..
    Yeah the tank looks only about 55 gallons or so.. I'm not sure though. A hybrid of what?
    Last edited by james20; 02-23-2010 at 01:26 AM.

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    Most likely a TSN x RTC hybrid
    That is Tiger shovelnose X Red tailed cat
    Do as I say. Not as I do.

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    He was probably an adoption! My Petco takes anyfish you bring in. They usually put them back in their tanks and resell them. I'm sure (unless it's a really nice petco) that they will sell him back to someone.
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    I agree that looks like a hybrid.
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    I looked for photos of that hybrid, and they look the same!

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    Never really understood the point in selling fish that can reach 4-6' .. It's just really not needed. Most people who buy fish, and im saying this from own experience starting out, buy fish without researching.. Then one day that cute little Irridecent shark turns out not to be so little within a few months, to a year, to years and need a tank that can comfortably hold it.. I say do away with big fish that is on display, and perhaps make it an option to special order them. But get some information from the customer first to make sure.

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