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    Default SAE's and False SAE

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    This is a great article, I think, explaining the False Siamese, True Siamese and the Flying Fox. I have never been able to tell the actual False SAE from the real SAE until I read this article and could see the actual drawings of the two.

    Both have two sets of barbels but the false SAE has a strip that stops where the tail begans and the strip is different. True SAE has a strip that extends all the way thru it's tail and sits on the bottom of the tank on it's fins, unlike the false SAE. The false is also more aggressive, which was interesting.

    Hope this article explains the difference of the two as it did for me. Unfortunately, all I can find around here are the CAE's which are mean, lazy and aggressive.

    Thank you Aquatic Gardeners for sharing your information.

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    That's good info. I always wonder if mine is a flying fox or a true SAE. I still believe it is a true SAE and that article helped me to make up my mind.
    55g- blood parrots, SAE, bristlenose plecos

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    I found it very helpful. It was easier for me to look at the drawings that photos of them.

    I believe this should be moved but not sure where to put it. Seems I read SAE are from the Barb family so wasn't sure if this should go in the catfish section, Barb section or with plants! I will move when directed to the proper spot. Thanks

    edited to add:
    I have moved to the algae section since this is the reason we buy them! Another interesting thing I just read is that the True SAE are schooling fish and like to work as teams where the CAE's and False SAE's can barely get along with themselves.
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 02-19-2010 at 01:51 PM.

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    I have 2 true SAE and they do hang out with each other once in awhile. They will chase each other away when they eat and sometimes just chase each other but it is all harmless. Here is another link. I was fortunate to have found these fish, I have only seen 1 in the 6 years I've had them.
    55gal Planted community
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    2 Siamese Algae Eaters

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    If shipping wasn't so costly, I'd order a dozen from here but for now will fight the algae off the hard way.

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    You can also look for the black smudge on their underside to ID the SAE.

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Hobbs
    If shipping wasn't so costly, I'd order a dozen from here but for now will fight the algae off the hard way.
    Have you ordered from them before?...I've ordered from them three times and had lots of dead/sick fish and plants arrive. To be fair, they did refund my money, but who wants money? ha ha ha

    You might go through, which also carries SAEs. They're more expensive, but more likely to arrive healthy in my limited experience. If it weren't for those gigantic shipping expenses...

    I need to get some, though. I'm getting a some black hair algae on the edges of my leaves, and I've heard SAEs will eat it. Plecos, ottos, nerites, and mollies--my usual clean up team--won't touch the stuff.

    Do flying foxes eat algae at all, or are they just pretty bottom feeders? They ARE pretty little guys.

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    found a very useful site on this topic

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    Thank you so much for the links! I've just discovered that the "stripped catfish" that I bought a few years ago is in fact a Flying Fox!

    It died over the christmas holidays, managed to jump through a small space in the glass (for the auto fish feeder) while we were on holidays. He was approx 4.5 inches long. :o I loved that fish, he was beautiful to look at. :(

    4 ft 60g FW: 2 angels, 4 blind cave, 1 whiteskirt, 4 gold widows, 6 serpaes, 1 neonhead apisto, 4 clown loaches, 4 albino cory, 2 bronze corys & 3 BN plecos.
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    5 g: Crowntail Betta, 1 albino cory (Quasi), 4 baby khuli's & RCS
    7 g: Dragontail Betta & 2 albino cory
    3ft Axi tank: 1 black, 1 gold - 1 redcap oranda & 2 albino cory

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    I was just wondering about my SFF a few days ago. Then he got eaten and I found out he was actually a SAE. I could have saved myself from a lot of research if I just joined this forum earlier.
    26 gallon- 1 Clown Pleco, 3 Rummy-nose Tetras
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