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  1. Default Reeves turtles anyway?

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    In the next couple of months I shall be getting a reeves turtle for my GF. Anyone had one before? Had experience with them?

  2. Default

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    There great for beginners, are like the easiest tamed turtles, grom to a max of 6 inches, and are cared for just like a slider. The care sheets I've read say they only need a 30gal tank when there full grown but I would not put any turtle in a 30gal. 75gal or over is the only way to go. When your turtle has a 5 inch shell you'll see why. I think your going to love them. They are supposed to have a lot of personality, stay active further into winter months and are peaceful among there own kind. YOu throw two same sex RES's in a tank and chances are one will attack the other after a while. Reeve's are supposed to be able to co-exist for life.

  3. Default

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    Were only getting one, as they are an 80 dollar turtle. From the other forms i've been reading of people that have them, they suggest a 55g for when they get full grown. Gives them a lot of room from the setups I've seen. I'm leaving most of the info to my GF to get sense its her turtle, but I was just wondering if anyone else has had one before.

  4. Default

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    I have never owned that particular breed but I can direct you to a forum that has plenty of people who have. a 55gal would be a bare minimum, when it gets full grown you will be cramping him bad. I would definitely look into a 75gal. It'll be better for the turtle and big enough that you could add several fish to make it look better and the turtle will have more trouble catching them. try

    they could give you some first hand experience in Reeve's. Also, you can find them for much less than $80. I saw one earlier for $29.95

  5. Default

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    My gf has already posted on Turtle forums about them, and they said 55-75 is fine for a reeves, and most sites I go say at that 55 is fine for an adult reeves. I would not add fish to a reeves tank for two reasons: reeves from what i've been reading like shallow water, and the filtration on a shallow tank is allready going to be hard enough, I'd rather not add fish intot he mix. Besides this is her trutle tank, not mine. I'll try to get a bigger tank, but Im stuck with size options from living in an apartment where I allready have a 29, a 10g, and a 46g being used. I'll have to look around to find one cheaper then, as none of the dealers in my area carry them

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    55 g Goldfish Tank - 3 Fancies, 2 Comets
    25 g Tropical Tank - Celestial Pearl Danio/Mixed

  7. Default

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    I read that Rue, but it says a 30 long is good enough for a 5 inch turtle. The rule is 10 gallons per every inch of turtle and that's a minimum. A 30 long wouldn't give a 5 inch turtle much room to turn around. When he comes off the basking platform and slams into the side with his shell your risking losing that tank. A calm collected turtle who doesn't get too excited could possibly live in that size tank by itself but even then, when it gets to be 5 inches it's going to look like Godzilla rampaging tokyo in a 30 long.

    As for being shallow. A 6ft 110gal tank fully filled is only 18 inches deep. Their natural habitat has water much deeper than that. I think they tell you that so noobs don't put a turtle in a 35gal hex or a 3ft tall tank.

  8. Default

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    Reeves arn't great swimmers acording to every site, and almost every person I've seen/talked to on them. I've been told only about 2-8 of water so thay can survice for air really easily. of water should be in the tank so they can walk around and still be in water.

  9. Default

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    then that 30gal just turned into a 10gal or less. That is definitely different than the info I have researched and trying to keep that cycled properly is going to be hell. Turtles put off a lot of waste for that little amount of water. You'll have to have an in tank filter or you'll burn a bunch of HOBs up trying to pull water that high if the intakes would even reach it.

  10. #10


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    ...I thought the tank size sounded a bit small too...but I don't know enough about them either. Regardless...bigger is always better. I can't imagine they're so 'non-moving' that they'd find a bigger tank too big...
    55 g Goldfish Tank - 3 Fancies, 2 Comets
    25 g Tropical Tank - Celestial Pearl Danio/Mixed

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