Hi. Was curious if anyone had ever seen this before:

12g Eclipse
Successfully and Fishlessly Cycled
White patches came after a 2 week bout of Ich (treated with salt.)
pH 7.2
Ammonia was 0/NitrItes 0
Nitrates were 5
Hardness is 120ppm
Buffering low, 40-50ppm

The tank contained: the 5 neons (lost one that wedged behind the filter), and 1 Oto. (3 of these 5 neons are still alive today, as is the Oto.) I eventually clove oiled 2 neons who were overcome the most with the white, and after weeks and weeks, lost the ability to swim/eat.

50% Water was changed at the longest, 1 week. Used Prime as dechlorinator. Water was matched by electronic thermometer. Averaged 2x/week. Did 3 weeks of daily water changes. At the point these photos were taken, I had run a month-long course of medicines, with 110%+ water changes between each attempt:

Salt (Aprx. 2.5 tsp/Gallon)
Maracyn (positive gram)
Maracyn II (negative gram)
Antibacterial Food
Antiparasite Food

I have had a SECOND break out of whatever this is, with a completely new batch of neons that were quarantined for 4 and 6 weeks. It's not as bad as this yet... but good grief. I've already bleach bombed this tank and started over once. This time I attempted one round of Tetracyline. They are fed the anti-parasite food once a week. They are also fed Tetramin Color Crisps, small amounts twice a day. (Up from once a day - trying to give them more health.) About once every 10 days, they fast. Also feed wafers with the first ingredient, spirulina. (But I don't ever see the neons eat it.)

The companions of these new neons are (2) Otos, and (1) Dwarf Gourami.

Any ideas - THANK YOU.