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  1. Default More ?'s about my slider..............

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    The slider I have is roughly the size of a half dollar. My question revolves around its shell. Should it be a little flexable or should it be rigid? Reason I ask is that my wife saidthat it was alittle soft the last time she changed out its water.
    Also she told me that it isn't eating like it used to. We keep the water changed out every other day and drop in 2-3 pellets of food a day. The small tank has a stick on thermometer on the side and it is constantly reading around 74-76* F. We keep a light on it and turn it off around 5-7 hours a night. hat am I doing wrong here? I want the little bugger to live but I have never had turtles so I am totally clueless.


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    Simple solution, there are two normal causes to soft shell, one of them also includes the symptom of loss of appetite. Turtles need UVB light to properly process calcium into it's shell. Not having UVB light can cause soft shell, lack of appetite, lack of energy, shell cracking and others. Another cause of soft shell is the turtle not drying off completely once a day. The turtle needs to bask under a light in a dry area on a floating platform or a piece of driftwood fixed under said light at a temp of 85 to 95 with the water temp at 75 78. The turtle will naturally crawl out and stretch out under the warm light until he is comletely dry or done with his nap then go back to swimming. You need a bulb to produce heat in a reflector type clamp lamp 12 inches above your basking area and a UVB bulb just shining down into the tank and not through glass. Reptiglo 26watt 5.0 bulb is great, don't get a 10.0 it's for desert animals and to bright for aquatic turtles, remember the UVB is not the heat source you need a seperate bulb for that but a normal household will work fine

    Oh P.S get a cuttlebone, and put it in the tank, some calcium powder to put on food is nice as well but the cuttlebone works great. This will supplement calcium and with UVB will fix that shell right up

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    Agreed. Not even knowing much about turtles everything is pointing to the UV bulb in my opinion. Even if you do already have a UV bulb, you have to replace it every now and then. Some people recommend 6 months, some say it's good for up to a year. If you're not sure how old it is, but you know it's probably over 6 months old, you should probably replace it now. Just keep your temps up outside of the water to appropriate levels as stated above and keep track of how old your UV is on a calendar or something and you should be good. Just make sure you don't drop him on his back and your turtle should do just fine .

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    This week end I picked up a broad spectrum amphibian light at the pet depot. Will this be what I need or do I need something else for his soft shell?


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    I would get one screw in bulb type that says UVB on it. Also get some cuttlebone and/or some calcium powder supplement to sprinkle on food. The turtle needs calcium to make it's shell and shed old pieces and needs the UVB light to process the calcium.

    Let me reiterate that. Get one that says UVB, not UVA or full spectrum. A UVB light is already going to put out the rest of the spectrums regardless but there is no UVB coming out of a UVA bulb, it's weird how it works. Just get a Reptisun 5.0 26w UVB screw in bulb and put it next to the bulb over basking area. It will fix him right up and make his colors pop
    Last edited by jay2487; 02-02-2010 at 04:00 PM.

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    Some flexiblity is normal. It doesn't sound like you are feeding much. You should also be feeding a varied diet, not just pellets. Fish filets, whole fish like smelt(I would stay away from live feeders), shrimp, clams and other seafoods and greens like kale and collard greens. You need to make sure that it is getting calcium, lack of calcium can cause soft shells and soft bones too. In adition to that you don't mention a uv light. You should have a uv strip light over the tank. I do not like the screw in compact type bulbs because some of them give off deadly uvc light and I have had it kill a couple of my reptiles in the past. I will not take that chance again with my animals. So a good strip light or a murcery vapor light would be best. The MV lights are only recommended for large inclosers because they give off high amounts of uv rays. I use this kind for my bearded dragon.
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    Just here to agree with everything annageckos just said. I almost made an identical post as I somehow overlooked yours. Just a suggestion on the bulb I would go with the 10.0 strip type (T8 or T5 flourescent) as sliders are heavy baskers, but as was said above, the mv bulbs are a little much if not in a properly sized enclosure for the bulb.

  8. Default

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    I have yet to find a UVB bulb that was good for basking, I keep a UVB beside my normal heat lamp. A 10.0 is for desert animals and is said to be too bright and can damage the eyes of aquatic turtles, plus you can leave your hand on both it and the 5.0 and not get burnt. I have never been able to get a basking area to hold proper temps with a UVB bulb alone at the appropriate 12 to 18 inches away. Maybe at 6 or 8 it would get the basking platform to 90's but then the turtle could just about touch it. It seems simpler to me to just get two types of bulbs.

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    I apologize. My grammar wasn't cooperating with me. I was suggesting the 10.0 along with a basking lamp; both at least 12 inches away minimum. Anything shorter than that and I agree with you the 10.0 may be a little much, with the 5.0 being much more suitable for a shorter distance away. Thank you for clarifying that for me, and sorry for making it confusing in the first place.

  10. Default

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    also, I have read about the cons of using strip lights, it is said that they flicker at a rate you cant see and your brain fills in the gaps, this causes stress, headaches, nauseas and other symptoms in humans, haven't read what it does to animals under the light.

    I was just speaking of my experiences Shorty, no need to apologize. Anna up there uses strips because she had a bad experience with screw ins, I use screw ins for years and never had a problem, everyones experience is different. If I could find a UVB screw in that heated up enough to heat a basking area and not be so bright you cant look down at the basking area I would definitely buy it.

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