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    Default 10 Gallon Saltwater Nano Supplies?

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    I have the list of supplies below and I was wondering if I was missing anything. I also have some question about some of the supplies.

    10 Gallon Aquarium

    Instant Ocean Aquarium Salt

    Instant Ocean Hydrometer

    Marineland Emperor 280 Bio Wheel Filter Will this be too big for a 10 gallon? It is rated for 30-50 gallon...

    Power Head What would be the best commonly found kind for a 10 gallon?

    Lighting It is not likley that their will be coral Just live rock, fish, and inverts what would be the best lighting? There will be a glass cover.. I would like the light to be $100 usd or less... Also how big of a light fixture for a 20" 10 gallon? The fixtures all seem to be 24" Do the fixtures come with bulbs? Would the Nova Extreme SLR T-% Saltwater work?

    Nature's Ocean Bio-Activ Live Aragonite Reef Sand
    Nature's Ocean Premium Marine Substrates Which one would be better? Are those sands considered live sand?

    NLS Marine Flakes and Pellets

    Stealth Pro Heater

    Testing Kit


    Live Rock



    I will eventually get a protien skimmer, another heater, and a bigger tank.

    Please Help!!
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    For the light im looking at thise one
    For a 20" tank should I get the 18" or 24"? Do you know how these light fixtures go on the tank?

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    How many watts per gallon for a FOWLR tank? What about Nano with coral?

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    Most coralife fixtures would work. The power compacts (compact fleurescents), you should probably be able to keep xenia and things like that in there as well.
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    I have lots of tanks, 9 I think.

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    Thats a great light for a 10G FOWLR, get the 50/50 bulb option as it will give you a nice looking light for your SW tank. You *may* be able to grow some mushrooms or palys under that but if your going to do coral I would opt for the double bulb 72watt version, if you went that route a 10K and a 420 actinic would be the best route. These are great fixtures, if your going open top you will need to order the splashguard seperately...and of course mounthing legs. Even still either fixture will still put you under your $100 price range.

    I would leave the biowheel off, they are nitrate factories. Honestly I would invest in an AC20. Run a bag of purigen and a piece off of a polyfilter in there. It will give you great results. I would personally suggest a skimmer, alot of people dont like to skim nanos as they say there isnt much point...but I had a 15G reef and its skimmer pulled alot of junk out of the water so...I recommend them.

    I would just get 10lbs of dry aragonite sand, and get a couple of lbs of live sand from your LFS...that way you know its live. I dont trust pre-bagged "live" sands to actually be alive. If you dont opt for a skimmer, invest in a Koralia nano to run with the AC20. I would also invest in a higher grade salt that contains more calcium so you wont have to dose, Coralife, Oceanic, Seachem I have found to be the best. And for whatever reason every tank Ive ever used IO salt on has had algae problems...change salt algae goes away thus I cant recommend that salt to anyone.
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    I will probably just get an Aqua Clear filter. Can I just use the filter cartridges that goes with the aqua clear filters? Also my local fish store is PETCO so I won't be getting any sand there. If I just get regular sand will it eventually become full of live bacteria and be just like live sand?
    Also are there any salts from PETCO that you recomend? Thats a list of PETCO's salt:

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    Could I just use the 18" light on the 10 gallon? Would it make much of a difference?

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    Just get some regular aragonite reef sand, it will eventually become live. The aragonite will also help keep your pH and hardness stable. You could use an 18" fixture on the 10G, youd probably need a glass top as it probably wouldnt mount to the tank rim. Of that list of salt I would recommend the Oceanic.
    3x75 gallons|2x55 gallons|2x50 gallons|3x40 gallons|1x29 gallon|1x10 gallon

  9. Default

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    These lights are a good option for a 10g, if you just want some low light corals. The T5's will run cooler, and look better than PC's.

    A Koralia nano along with your AC should be enough flow.
    40g SW

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    Quote Originally Posted by coachfraley
    These lights are a good option for a 10g, if you just want some low light corals. The T5's will run cooler, and look better than PC's.

    A Koralia nano along with your AC should be enough flow.
    Those lights are basically the same thing as the one I was looking at on Dr.Foster and Smith. They don't come in a 20" ten gallon tank. Does 18" come with extended legs that will attatch on to a 20" tank? If not could I buy some legs that do that?

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